Why Rapper Killer Mike hasn’t endorsed Joe Biden: No interest in ‘soap opera’

Rapper Killer Mike spat with The View host Sunny Hostin on Monday after praising Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. As the longtime progressive activist discussed his interest in local elections, he was questioned why he wouldn’t endorse President Joe Biden. The conversation circled around several corners, including his recent Grammys arrest.

Rapper Killer Mike talks Grammy wins and political activism in Georgia on The View.(YouTube)

When asked why he hadn’t shown any interest in endorsing Bide, Killer Mike drove the hosts’ attention to local communities. He addressed the craze of obsessing over federal elections as a ‘soap opera’. For him, not knowing one’s city council, wardsman, mayor, and a good list of state representatives or governor meant that “you’re just a part of whoever wins the Super Bowl, the fanfare”.

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Watch Rapper Killer Mike on The View

Pushing the ‘fanfare’ aside, he put Atlanta’s mayoral race at the focus of conversation, as he deems it to be the most important election. As an Atlanta native, Killer Mike praised Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, appreciating all that he was doing with the city’s housing system. In the same breath, he also lauded Kemp for all he had done for Georgian businesses.

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Killer Mike’s focus on hyper-local

Following his grandfather’s example, he claimed to be “staying out of White folks’ business”. “If there’s a candidate that pops up around September, October, that needs a push that’s really, policy-wise is good for us that’s going to jump up, but right now I don’t want to be involved in the soap opera because I’m worried about what’s going on in Atlanta on the hyper-local level”, he added.

Having occupied a unique political stance, Killer Mike supported Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016 and even worked with Georgian Democratic Senators Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock, whose campaigns ultimately broke the state’s long-running Republican victory streak.

Killer Mike snaps at The View host about his ‘support of Kemp’

As host Sunny Hostin claimed to have fallen off the conversation due to his “support of Kemp”, the rapper instantly popped back. “That’s some misinformation. You can not like me, but don’t lie on me.”

He continued his defence by stating that he had to be involved with him since he was his state’s governor. While he spared the host’s criticism of him, he couldn’t deal with the ‘lie’ of him supporting someone. “Don’t say I didn’t support [Stacey] Abrams because I did. Don’t say I don’t support Democrats because I’ve helped get three Democratic mayors elected, two state representatives elected, but if someone is in the king’s seat, I’m not going to not have dinner with the king on behalf of my people. I have to do that”, he went on.

Going back to the previous exchange of Killer Mike not having endorsed Biden yet, Hostin highlighted Biden’s many accomplishments for the Black community in hopes that he would consider all of them.

When asked about his Grammy arrest, the rapper told the hosts that he couldn’t open up about it: “I think security got a little over-zealous, and it’s water under the bridge for me”.

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