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Peanut butter is the healthy and delicious spread that not just elevates your breakfast but also energises you for the day ahead. It is packed with numerous essential vitamins and minerals, fibre, protein, healthy fats and can keep you full for longer, curbing your appetite and helping you in your weight loss journey. Peanut butter is low in fat and high in protein as compared to your usual butter, so it’s a healthy alternative to consume with cupcakes, pancakes, breads, sauces and popcorns. While it is no doubt a superfood and can even help you contorl blood sugar levels and boost heart health, you need to consume it at the right time to reap its benefits and avoid side effects. (Also read | Peanut butter: Healthy ways to consume, side-effects of spoiled peanut butter)

When it comes to consumption of peanut butter, time is of great essence as per Ayurveda(Pixabay)


“When it comes to consumption of peanut butter, time is of great essence. Nowadays, people are usually consuming it in the morning as a spread on their breads. If you eat your breakfast between 6am to 10am, which is the period of Kapha dosha as per Ayureda as it’s oily and fatty, you should avoid having peanut butter at the time. It’s more suitable to have the delicious spread after gymming or any other time of the day,” says Dr Nitika Kohli in her recent Instagram post.

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Dr Kohli also feels people with allergy issues and poor digestion shouldn’t go overboard with peanut butter and restrict its consumption to avoid flare-ups.

“Peanut butter isn’t for those people who have a weak digestion, who have heat issues like rashes and allergies. If you suffer from such issues, you should limit its consumption to a very small quantity,” says Dr Kohli.


If the timing is right and you do not have digestion and allergy issues, moderate peanut consumption can bring a wealth of benefits including management of chronic diseases.

Prevents diabetes

Peanut butter can reduce blood sugar spikes and also prevent diabetes risk. According to a study, consumption of peanut butter five times or more per week reduced the incidence of diabetes by 21%.

Protects against cancer

Another study demonstrated that the consumption of peanut butter might help in reducing the risk of colorectal (intestinal) cancer. This could be due to presence of resveratrol and phytosterols present in peanut butter which has antioxidant properties.

Boosts concentration

If you are a student or a researcher, who needs to study for long hours, peanut butter can come to your rescue as they are packed with nutrients and energy that will help keep you focused.

Heart health

Peanut butter has omega-6 fatty acid which helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and increase good (HDL) cholesterol. Peanuts are a natural source of arginine, an amino acid that may prevent heart and vascular disease by promoting good blood vessel function.

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