Mukti Mohan on first V-day after wedding: Our ME time has become a WE time

Dancer and actor Mukti Mohan, tied the knot with her now husband Kunal Thakur on December 10, last year and is now all set to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day. The couple, still basking in the afterglow of their minimoon and recent close wedding attendance, tells us, “We are still getting back to work after a minimoon and attending a wedding. Our ME time has become a WE time.”

Mukti Mohan Valentine’s day

The couple contemplates a unique celebration for Valentine’s Day. “The plan is to spend time together. We are thinking of going on a road trip, out of the city and being around nature,” Mohan discloses.

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However, their plans face a friendly clash with a friend’s wedding. “We might attend the pre-wedding festivities and then carry on with our plans for a getaway. I am all up for celebrating two people’s union; it is the happiest feeling for us,” she further adds.

Expressing the importance of celebrating their union, the dancer-actor emphasizes, “We love traveling and celebrating being together, so that’s what we will do on Valentine’s Day. Kunal – Sajaate toh dulhan ko hain, humein toh kuch nahi milta,” she jokes, highlighting their shared sense of humor. “The most special gift we can give each other is time. With our busy schedules, it is best to take out time and get to know each other further and celebrate. I am going to give him time, although I am going to motivate him into buying something for me.”

Adventure awaits the couple, as they share love for adventure sports. “We love adventure sports, so that and a nice dinner and the beach, this is something that I have had in mind for a while.”

For Mukti and Kunal, every day is Valentine’s Day, even though their busy schedules kept them apart in previous years. Mukti reflects on their journey, “We have been together since 2020, but every year we were not able to be together on this day because of being busy with work. We are getting that time officially after the wedding, even the family is asking about our plans.”

As an added celebration, she reveals, “My sister Neeti’s wedding anniversary is on February 15, so from our getaway and after having our own time, we will quickly hop to their farmhouse and be with the family to celebrate.”

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