Happy Ash Wednesday 2024: Best wishes, images, messages and quotes to share

Ash Wednesday 2024: Christians around the world will celebrate Ash Wednesday on Wednesday 14 February. This is the first day of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting and preparation leading up to Easter. Ash Wednesday and Easter are not fixed dates, unlike Christmas. According to Britannica.com, Lent usually begins on the Monday of the seventh week before Easter and ends on the Friday, which is nine days before Easter. Many people fast during this time, giving up things like their favourite food or television, and others even stop using social media. Around the world, followers of Christ mark these days as unique opportunities for prayer, altruism and self-mutilation.

As we observe Ash Wednesday, a solemn day that marks the beginning of Lent, here are some heartfelt wishes to share with your loved ones.(Freepik)

If you and your family are celebrating Ash Wednesday then here are some special images, messages, greetings and quotes to share with your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. (Also read: Ash Wednesday 2024: The first day of Lent, a 40-day period of preparation and fasting before Easter, Ash Wednesday is being observed on February 14 this year. (Also read: Ash Wednesday 2024: Date, history and significance of the first day of Lent )

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Ash Wednesday 2024 wishes, images and messages

On this Ash Wednesday, may the ashes on your forehead be a reminder of god’s love and forgiveness. Wishing you a blessed and reflective day.

As you begin your Lenten journey, may this Ash Wednesday be a time of renewal and spiritual growth. Have a blessed day filled with peace and grace.

Sending you heartfelt wishes for a meaningful Ash Wednesday. May this season of reflection bring you closer to god and fill your heart with his love.

On this solemn occasion of Ash Wednesday, may you find solace in prayer and comfort in knowing that god’s mercy knows no bounds. Wishing you a blessed day.

As we embark on the Lenten season, may your Ash Wednesday be a time of introspection and renewal. May god’s blessings be with you today and always

On the occasion of Ash Wednesday¸ let us turn over all the fears and anxieties that we have in our hearts to God. Warm wishes on this day to you.

On the occasion of Ash Wednesday, let us pray, let us fast and let us learn to be more generous. Wishing a Happy Ash Wednesday.

As we receive the ashes today, may we be reminded of our dependence on God and our call to turn away from sin. Wishing you a reflective and spiritually enriching Ash Wednesday.

As we begin the season of Lent, may you draw closer to God through prayer, fasting, and acts of kindness. May this Ash Wednesday bring you peace and spiritual insight.

On this solemn occasion of Ash Wednesday, may you find strength in prayer, courage in sacrifice, and grace in repentance. Sending you warm wishes for a blessed Lenten season.

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