Basant Panchami 2024: 4 delicious yellow-coloured recipes to make on this day

The auspicious festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm on Wednesday, February 14th. This festival takes place during the Hindu month of Magh, which falls between January and February in the Gregorian calendar. Considered a spring festival, it marks the beginning of the Vasant Ritu (spring season), which is associated with new life and new beginnings in all aspects of life. The feast that follows the fast and rituals is an important part of any Indian festival. Housewives swarm around hot stoves to produce delicacies that will tempt even the pickiest of palates. Not only do people wear a lot of yellow on Basant Panchami, but yellow food is also a common colour for the offered meal. (Also read: Chinese New Year 2024: Dumplings to longevity noodles, most popular dishes savoured on this day )

As Basant Panchami approaches, usher in the vibrancy of the season with a feast of yellow-coloured delights.(Chef Arun Kumar)

Basant Panchami special recipes

Chef Arun Kumar, Sous Chef, The Ashok shared with HT Lifestyle some special yellow colour Basant Panchami recipes that are sure to make your festival more special.

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1. Upreta

Upreta recipe (Chef Arun Kumar)
Upreta recipe (Chef Arun Kumar)


Maida 1 ½ cup

Rava ½ cup

Ghee1 tbsp + 2 tbsp

Rice flour – 1 tbsp + 2 tbsp

Water as required

Salt – ½ tsp

Oil for frying

Water as required

Powder Sugar – for dusting

Saffron – 20 strands


1. Take a bowl, add 1 tbsp ghee add saffron strands , start whipping with your fingers until it becomes creamy.

2. Next add 1 tbsp rice flour, whip again with fingers to form uniform mixture. Keep this aside for further use.

3. Now add maida, rava, salt. Mix well with your finger tips to form crumbs. Add water little at a time and prepare stiff dough. Rest this dough for 15 minutes.

4. Now make equal parts of the dough and prepare thin big rotis. Take one big roti at a time, spread little ghee – flour paste on the surface. Now place one more roti on the first and apply ghee- flour mixture. Same way make alternate layers of roti and ghee-flour paste.

5. Make a tight roll of the roti. Cut them vertically into small bits. Now press this small dough so that you see concentric circles and roll into medium sized poories.

6. Heat oil on medium heat, deep fry these chiroties. Pouring hot oil on top of these while frying.

7. Fry on the other side until they turn slightly golden. Remove and dust on top with powder sugar.

2. Meethi chawal

Meethi chawal recipe (Chef Arun Kumar)
Meethi chawal recipe (Chef Arun Kumar)


Basmati rice (soaked) – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups

Turmeric – ½ tsp

For Dum

Ghee – 3tbsp

Cinnamon – 1small stick

Cardamom – 5nos

Black cardamom – 1no

Cloves – 4no

Coconut (dry, sliced) – handful

Almond (chopped) – handful

Cashew nut (chopped) – handful

Pista (chopped) – handful

Milk – 1cup

Saffron – a pinch

Sugar – 1cup

Rose water – 2tbsp

Kewra water – 1 tbsp


1. Soak the rice for about 30 min. Boil 2 cups of water and add ½ tsp turmeric into it.

2. Drain the soaked rice and carefully pour into the boiling water and cook the rice over medium heat.

3. Once the rice is 80% cooked, drain. Take a new heavy bottomed pan, heat over medium flame. Add ghee to the vessel once it’s hot.

4. In a heavy bottomed pan add ghee, once the ghee melts. Add in the whole spices and the dried coconut.

5. Stir for about 2 minutes and add in the almonds and cashew nuts. Roast this for about min.

6. Now add in the milk and saffron. Boil until the saffron releases its color and sweet smell. Now, add in the sugar, rose water and kewra water. Stir until everything mixes well. Add in the rice and carefully mix without breaking rice grains.

7. Cover the vessel with a lid and cook on low flame for 5-7 minutes.

8. Switch of the heat and leave the rice with the lid on for another 5 minutes. Open the lid and using a flat spoon, lift the rice from the sides to allow the grains to open up.

9. Transfer to the serving platter and serve hot.

3. Cous Cous Boondi Ladoo

Cous Cous Boondi Ladoo (Chef Arun Kumar)
Cous Cous Boondi Ladoo (Chef Arun Kumar)


200gcous cous

100g gram flour

20strands saffron

3 tbsp. ghee

150g sugar

½ tsp. lemon juice

¼cupwater for making the syrup

1 tbsp. melon seeds


Dry rose petals


1. Boil water double the quantity of cous cous with saffron, pour it into the cous cous and let it allow to bloom with lid covered

2. Take a pan add, sauté gram flour with the same strands of saffron on slow fire till sandy texture is attained.

3. Carefully add the sautéed gram flour to the bloomed cous cous, mix thoroughly.

Sugar Syrup

4. Take sugar in a pan along with water and lemon juice.

5. Add crushed saffron to it.

6. Heat it on medium flame and cook till the sugar melts.

7. The syrup should have one-string consistency.

8. Once it reaches the desired thickness switch the flame off.

Assembling Ladoo

9. Batch by batch add all the cous cous to the syrup, stir in the melon seeds mix it properly

10. While the mixture is hot yet to be handled by hand, apply ghee to your palm and make balls out of this mixture.

11. Top each ball with a piece of sliced pistachio and rose petals.

4. Pineapple rawa kesari

Pineapple rawa kesari(Chef Arun Kumar)
Pineapple rawa kesari(Chef Arun Kumar)


1 tsp ghee

10 cashew nut

10 nos raisin

1 cup semolina

1 cup pineapple chopped

1 cup sugar

3 cup water

10 stands saffron

½ cup ghee

¼ cardamom powder


1. Firstly, in a pan heat 1 tsp ghee and roast cashew and raisins, remove.

2. In the same ghee add Semolina and roast well, until till turns aromatic, keep aside.

3. In a large kadhai heat 1 tsp ghee and chopped pineapple and sauté until it turns aromatic.

4. Now add ¼ sugar 3 cups of water and mix well, add more sugar if the pineapple is sour, cover and boil until the pineapple softens.

5. Add in roasted semolina and stir continuously, make sure no lumps is formed.

6. Add ¾ cup sugar, saffron strands and mix until the sugar melts.

7. Further add ½ cup ghee and mix.

8. Now add roasted cashew, raisin and cardamom powder, and mix well.

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