Some of the stuff coming out of the members’ mouths disappointing: Usman Khawaja on Long Room row at Ashes


Usman Khawaja, who had a tiff with some Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) members in the Long Room at Lunch on the final day of the 2nd Ashes Test, said that the situation was ‘very disappointing.’

“It was really disappointing. Lord’s is one of my favourite places to come, there is so much respect shown at Lord’s, particularly in the members pavillion in the long room, but there wasn’t today. It was very disappointing,” he told Nine.

“If anyone asks me where the best place is to play, I always say Lord’s, the crowd is great, particularly the members are great, (but) some of the stuff coming out of the members’ mouths was really disappointing. I wasn’t going to stand by and cop it, so I just talked to a few of them. A few of them were throwing out some pretty big allegations and I just called them up on it,” Khawaja added.

Khawaja as well as David Warner were seen in animated discussions with members in the long room while walking back into the dressing rooms at Lunch. Both the Australian players were ultimately pacified by the security guards and their teammates as the bad blood spilled over off the field as well.

“They kept going and I was like, ‘Well, it’s your membership here’, so I was just pointing them out. It’s pretty disrespectful to be honest. I just expect a lot better from the members,” Khawaja said.

Talking about the controversial dismissal of Jonny Bairstow, the Australian opener defended the decision.

“The decision is in the umpire’s hands. If the umpire deems it a dead ball today, it’s a dead ball. It’s just like yesterday’s catch. We don’t fully agree with it, but you have to accept the umpire’s decision, that’s why the umpires are there. There is always grey areas in cricket,” he said.

“The way it played out in some respects was pretty disappointing. I love Stuey Broad, he’s one of my favourite cricketers, the way he plays it … and he was pretty riled up out there, which you don’t want to see. It is what it is,” he added.


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