Jungkook poses in shirtless pic, announces Seven schedule; BTS ARMY reacts


BTS fans were taken by surprise after Jungkook announced the schedule of his upcoming song Seven, along with a shirtless picture of himself. Taking to Twitter on Saturday evening, BTS agency BigHit Music shared a poster. It wrote, “#JungKook #Jungkook Seven Promotion Schedule #JungKook_Seven.” Reportedly, actor Han So-hee will feature in Seven. (Also Read | Jungkook’s solo single Seven will feature Han So-hee? BTS agency BigHit Music responds)

BTS fans reacted to Jungkook's new poster.
BTS fans reacted to Jungkook’s new poster.

Seven schedule

As per the schedule, Jungkook’s songs Still With You and My You were officially released on Sunday. The concept photo and short film will release on July 6 at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST) followed by a behind-the-scenes film the next day at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST). The recording film preview will be unveiled on July 10 at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST).

The official teaser of the music video will drop on July 12 at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST). The music video of the song will be unveiled on July 14 at 12 am ET (9.30 am IST) and the Seven official performance video the next day at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST). The recording film will be unveiled on July 25 at 11 am ET (8.30 pm IST).

Jungkook’s shirtless photo

What caught the fans’ eye is the background of the schedule. It featured a shirtless Jungkook wearing only an unbuttoned navy blue coat and pants. He flaunted his tattooed hand with rings on his fingers. The photo was a closeup shot of Jungkook’s abs. However, his face wasn’t revealed in the poster.

BTS ARMY reacts

Reacting to the poster a fan asked, “CK pictures weren’t enough that Jungkook comes back being shirtless to tease us again?” Another person wrote, “We’re in for a rough ride!!! His irresistible abs did not register at first.” “Half fandom crying over still with you official release and other half screaming shaking banging their head over shirtless Jungkook,” read a tweet. “This is gonna be insane,” said a Twitter user. A person commented, “JK is about to take over the music industry. That close-up of your abs and chest wasn’t necessary Jungkook. It’s borderline teasing, you think we’ll stay sane after this?”

BigHit Music’s statement on Seven

Last week, BigHit Music shared a statement on Weverse. A part of it read, “Seven is an invigorating summer song that is sure to have you experience the full breadth of Jungkook’s charm. We hope that Seven will bring your summer fun to the next level. As Jungkook kicks off his official solo activities, we ask you to extend your utmost anticipation and support for his digital single and many other activities to come.”


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