‘They cut the last two frames’: Saeed Ajmal makes claim on Sachin Tendulkar 2011 WC LBW appeal

Former Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal has claimed that two frames were cut in the replay in order to make the ball miss the stumps and keep Sachin Tendulkar in the World Cup semi-final match of 2011 in Mohali.

“I played in the 2011 World Cup in India. If you could remember the controversial call of Sachin Tendulkar’s wicket. Umpire and I still say he was out. They cut the last two frames to make the ball miss the stumps. Otherwise, it would have directly hit the middle stump,” said Ajmal on Nadir Ali’s podcast. Ajmal also then said that he received a lot of abuse from Indian fans after he eventually snagged Tendulkar’s wicket later in the game.

At the time, Tendulkar was batting on 23 and Ajmal’s ball went onto hit his pad in front of the stumps. Umpire Ian Gould raised his finger but Tendulkar decided to go for the DRS review. Later after the decision was overturned, Tendulkar went on to score 85 runs and helped India get to a total of 260 against Pakistan. Indian bowlers then bundled their opposition out for 231.

Ajmal also spoke about playing against Tendulkar and getting him out twice during his time as a bowler and also spoke about the time the former Indian batsman was his captain for the MCC match.

“Sachin. He is a legend. He scored more than 20,000 runs. It is a big thing to take his wicket. When I played with him, I realized what it means to play a match against Sachin. I also played the MCC match with him. He was my team’s captain,” said Ajmal.

He then added, “He told me, ‘Show me your doosra’. Legend is a legend. I respect him. But at the same time, it was not tough for me to bowl against him. As a cricketer, I have played two times against Sachin and dismissed him twice.”

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