Powerful signs of emotional growth


As we grow up, we learn to understand what is best for us. Making ourselves a priority and understanding the needs, wants and expectations we have from ourselves, life in general and the people around us helps in giving us a lot of clarity. When we start to put our emotional and mental health above everything else, we can start to make small changes to make things better for us. Getting over a trauma and prioritising our own is a powerful way of loving ourselves. Self-love and self-care are powerful ways to treat ourselves the way we should be treated. Therapist Sadaf Siddiqi, in one of her recent Instagram posts, spoke of the importance of emotional growth and how we should prioritise it. She further noted down the signs of emotional and personal growth that we should watch out for:

Powerful signs of emotional growth(Unsplash)
Powerful signs of emotional growth(Unsplash)

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Sitting with discomfort: There will always be things and situations that will make us uncomfortable. But understanding what makes us uncomfortable and sitting with it to address it, instead of reacting to it, is a healthy way of dealing with the situation. It helps us to give us time to decide the way we want to respond to it.

Meaningful connections: We no longer try to please everyone around us – instead we find real connections with people and try to invest our energy in the ones who are healthy for us. With time we learn to accept that no matter what we do, we cannot keep everyone in our lives.

Understanding our loved ones: Agreeing to disagree and still respecting the perspectives and opinions of people who are close to us is a healthy way of navigating through relationships. It helps us to understand the other person better and contributes to the growth of the relationship.

Core needs: We start to get better clarity on what we want and need from ourselves and others. Hence, when the core needs are not being met by others, we introspect if we can meet them ourselves.

Expressing emotions: When we feel hurt or sad, we learn to express and address those emotions instead of keeping shut about it. We do not let the negative emotions make us feel heavy, instead w get it out in healthy ways.

Create boundaries: Boundaries help in having a healthy life. However, we also learn to create balance on the way we set boundaries.

Authenticity: We learn to stay authentic in relationships and stay honest to the set of values and ethics we have.


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