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Eliminated Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Palak Purswani has reacted to the latest controversy surrounding the show. On a recent episode, contestant Jad Hadid bared his bum during a fight with housemate Bebika Dhurve. The action caused a massive uproar inside the house and even outside. (Also read: Angry Salman Khan reacts to the ‘kiss’, leaves show)

Palak Purswani has reacted to Jad Hadid's recent act on Bigg Boss OTT 2.
Palak Purswani has reacted to Jad Hadid’s recent act on Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Palak took to Twitter to voice her disapproval. “What just happened in the Bigg Boss house? This is not at all appreciated, #JadHadid. I condemn the act and request that the necessary actions be taken,” she wrote. Palak and Jad never had any connection in the house and she was the second person to get evicted from the show.

Palak had also tweeted about Jad and Akanksha Puri’s kiss. “I’m confused! I don’t know what is happening. I remember #AkankshaPuri asking me ‘How comfortable are you with someone who touches you because I am the kind of person who is very uncomfortable with someone touching me,” she said.

Palak’s fans reacted to the tweet. One said, “Di Aap show ki strong contestant thi Aapko Faltu mein EVICTED karwa diya (Di you were a strong contestant of the show, got evicted for nothing).” Another said, “Are action nhi Lange, big boss ka damad jo hai wo, har Sal aise nalle leke aate han, India mein talented logon ki kami jo hai, pure world mein Indians ka danka hai, lekin nhi big boss ko videshi hi chaiye (They won’t take any action, he is dear to Bigg Boss. They bring such useless people each year as if India doesn’t have enough talented people. The entire world knows our worth but Bigg Boss wants foreign contestants) Shame on you makers and big boss.”

On Friday night, Jad and Bebika exchanged barbs during a big fight. She told him to reveal his true self to the world and he showed her his butt to ‘talk to it’. The clip was censored by the producers but host Salman Khan discussed it at length during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday.

“A lot of people may not find anything wrong with what you did. But a lot of people may find it offensive. It (India) is a very conservative country. … It’s also a very forgiving country. We all have been forgiven by the people of this country a million times. And you? They loved you. The way you were, even though they did not understand the language, they loved you, they loved Abdu (Rozik)… till these two incidences. Leave aside the kiss incident, this is the bummer,” Salman said to Jad, who apologised profusely for his behaviour.


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