Laid off by Meta, man took vacation in middle of job search. Here’s why


A now-former staffer at Meta Platforms, who lost his job recently after spending 4 years at the company, has revealed he took a pre-planned vacation in the middle of the resulting job search.

Representational Image(Reuters)
Representational Image(Reuters)

To take care of their mental well-being, those in the same situation as him, too, must consider taking a break from their job search, he asserted.

‘I’m about to head out on a vacation’

“Hi everyone, I’m about to head out on a vacation. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m going on a vacation in the middle of my job search, and I encourage others in my situation to do the same as well!,” India Today quoted the unnamed ex-Meta employee from his LinkedIn post.

He noted that his family had planned the holiday to an international destination well before the layoff round in which he received his pink slip, adding that they went ahead because changing plans to accommodate his job search would have been ‘too costly.’

The holiday, he added, will help him connect with his family ‘without any distractions,’ and allow him to look after his mental well-being.

“Just like you need a break while working, you should also consider taking a break from your job search. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this,” the former Meta employee wrote.

A follow-up post revealed he spent this vacation in New Zealand during Christmas last year. It read: “I came back to work with renewed energy, immediately tackling projects wholeheartedly for a product launch under a tight timeline.”

Meta layoffs

The Mark Zuckerberg-helmed Facebook parent relieved more than 11,000 people in November 2022. Then, in March, it announced fresh mass layoffs, which it carried out across 3 rounds, laying off 10,000 members from its workforce.


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