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On Sunday, Salman Khan announced Akanksha Puri’s exit from the house of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Her eviction comes after her steamy kiss with Jad Hadid on live camera during a ‘task.’ This week Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar and Akanksha Puri were nominated to leave the show. Also read: Palak Purswani reacts to Jad Hadid’s bum-baring episode, wants action against him

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Akanksha Puri evicted from house.
Bigg Boss OTT 2: Akanksha Puri evicted from house.

Akanksha Puri evicted

On the other hand, Jad has been punished by host Salman Khan for his recent behaviours and will be facing nominations next week. Akanksha, Jiya and Abhishek were taken to the BBVerse and given a task. They were asked to decide who between them should exit the show. The longer they took, the more the rest of the housemates would lose. Abhishek and Akanksha took Jiya’s name and Jiya chose Akanksha. They debated for a long time before Salman announced that Akanksha would be evicted.

Jad to face nominations

Jad is likely to be out next week. He went to nominations after Salman Khan strongly reacted to two incidents in the house involving Jad. He kissed Akanksha Puri for 30 seconds. Following this, he showed his behind to Bebika Dhurve during a big argument. She told him to reveal his true self to the world. Jad showed her his butt to ‘talk to it’. The clip was censored by the producers.

Salman reacts to Jad’s behaviour

Salman Khan told Jad, “Try this in Abu Dhabi, try this in the GCC belt, try this in Saudi Arabia.” Jad apologised, “Sir it was a mistake. I admit it.” Salman continued, “When did you say it was a mistake? Right now?” Jad added, “No no no. I said it straight away but she (Bebika) wasn’t in a mood that I could approach her.”

Salman also told Jad Hadid, “A lot of people may not find anything wrong with what you did. But a lot of people may find it offensive. It (India) is a very conservative country. … It’s also a very forgiving country. We all have been forgiven by the people of this country a million times. And you? They loved you. The way you were, even though they did not understand the language, they loved you, they loved Abdu (Rozik)… till these two incidences. Leave aside the kiss incident, this is the bummer.”


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