Jad Hadid shows his butt to Bebika during fight, Bigg Boss producers edit it out | Web Series

Bebika Dhurve lost her cool and broke down in tears when Jad Hadid showed her his behind during a massive fight between them. On Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, host Salman Khan said that the production team of the show decided to edit out a clip of Jad showing his butt to Bebika because it was a bit too much to handle.

Jad Hadid refused to accept that what he did was wrong.

He then showed viewers the clips from Friday night to show what actually happened. While Jad and Jiya Shankar were washing dishes in the kitchen, Bebika arrived screaming about something. Jad said outrightly that he did not wish to speak with ‘this girl’. That made Bebika furious and they started exchanging barbs. Jad said that Bebika’s family would be embarrassed of her and she told him to show his true self. Then Jad walked to the other side and told her to talk to his butt, baring it in front of her. The clip did not actually show him doing it.

Bebika was furious at his gesture and everyone told Jad that what he did was wrong. Jad refused to accept his mistake in the beginning. Bebika raised hell inside the house, screaming about wanting to leave the show. Bigg Boss called her to the confession room and assured her that the issue will be discussed during Weekend Ka Vaar.

Multiple people took turns to tell Jad that what he did is going to have repercussions. Avinash even told Jad that he disrespected the culture and women of India, which is when Jad accepted that he is not proud of what he had done and is ready to see what happens to him.

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