Grab the Steam titles with ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews for under $1!


The highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, delighting gamers with incredible discounts on a vast array of games.

Steam Summer Sale is live. (Image Credit: Valve)
Steam Summer Sale is live. (Image Credit: Valve)

Among the many titles featured in the sale, indie gem Muse Dash stands out as a must-have for rhythm game enthusiasts. With a jaw-dropping 85% discount, the game can now be purchased for an unbelievably low price of $0.44.

Valve’s gaming platform has solidified its reputation as a haven for indie game developers, offering a platform to showcase their creations to a massive audience.

With over 50,000 games available for sale, the platform has become a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Seasonal Steam promotions, such as the Summer Sale, provide the perfect opportunity to unearth these gems at a fraction of their original cost.

Muse Dash, by Chinese studio PeroPeroGames, has garnered attention and praise from gamers worldwide.

Muse Dash. (Image Credit: PeroPeroGames)
Muse Dash. (Image Credit: PeroPeroGames)

Initially receiving mixed reviews from gaming outlets, the game has surpassed expectations and achieved phenomenal success. Boasting a remarkable 96% positive review score on Steam, with over 76,000 votes, Muse Dash has earned the coveted “Overwhelmingly Positive” label.

Released in 2019, rhythmic indie title quickly captivated players with its side-scrolling 2D gameplay and captivating soundtrack.

The game’s simplicity combined with its impressive selection of songs and charming characters struck a chord with players, leading to its unexpected popularity.

Gamers on Steam now rave about the title, applauding it as an ideal entry point for rhythm game newcomers due to its addictive and challenging gameplay.

For fans who can’t get enough of Muse Dash, the game’s DLC is also on sale, priced at $22.74 with a generous 35% discount. This expansion injects even more content into the experience, introducing additional characters and over 300 new songs, elevating Muse Dash’s replayability to new heights.

In addition to the game’s discounts, gamers eying the highly sought-after Steam Deck will be thrilled to learn that the handheld device is also receiving significant markdowns during the Summer Sale.

The official Steam handheld, released in 2022, can now be purchased for just $369.10 for the 64GB model and $449.65 for the 256GB variant, representing discounts of approximately 10% and 15%, respectively. Furthermore, the high-capacity 512GB Steam Deck is also on sale, priced at $519.20, a tempting 20% off its regular price. This makes the Steam Deck an enticing choice for gamers looking to access their extensive Steam libraries on the go.

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The Steam Summer Sale continues to enthrall gaming enthusiasts with its remarkable discounts and incredible value. Whether it’s snagging the captivating Muse Dash at a mere $0.44 or acquiring the versatile Steam Deck at a discounted price, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this thrilling shopping extravaganza.


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