Atletico Madrid will go back to its previous club emblem after fan vote


Atletico Madrid will go back to its previous club emblem after listening to its fans.

The Spanish soccer club said Friday its members voted to revert to the badge that had been replaced by a more modern design amid widespread criticism six years ago.

Atletico said nearly 78,000 of the club’s more than 138,000 members participated in the vote, with 88% choosing the previous badge. Both designs are similar, featuring red-and-white stripes underneath white stars against a blue background, and a bear stretching up against a tree — which is the symbol of the city of Madrid. The first version of the emblem was introduced in 1917, inspired by the Spanish capital’s coat of arms.

The old emblem will not return until the 2024-25 season as the club needs time to implement the “complex, massive and costly process” of replacing the design.
The club said it will make the change even though Nike had already started the manufacturing process of its kits for the 2024-25 season.

The previous badge also needs to be added to virtual environments, social networks, licensed products and third-party media such as television content and video games.

The club said the current shield “will become part of the family of badges and emblems that have accompanied us throughout our history.”


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