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Prakash Kaur, the first wife of veteran actor Dharmendra, had once spoken about him falling in love with Hema Malini. Prakash and Dharmendra married in 1954. According to various reports, Dharmendra had tied the knot with Hema in 1980 without divorcing his first wife. After many years, Dharmendra’s relationship with Prakash Kaur became a topic of discussion again as the two attended the recent wedding of their grandson Karan Deol, elder son of actor Sunny Deol. Also read: Dharmendra poses with first wife Prakash Kaur in unseen pics from Karan Deol, Drisha Acharya’s wedding ceremony

Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur with their sons Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol. (Instagram/ Film History Pics)

Dharmendra’s marriages

Hema and Dharmendra met for the first time in 1970, while working on their film Tum Haseen Main Jawaan. Over the years, the two fell in love even though Dharmendra was a married man with four kids, including actors Sunny and Bobby Deol. Hema’s parents were reportedly also against the match. However, the two finally married and welcomed daughter Esha Deol and Ahana Deol in 1981 and 1985, respectively.

Prakash Kaur defended Dharmendra

In an interview reportedly given to Stardust in 1981, Prakash Kaur had said in defense of Dharmendra, “Why only my husband, any man would want have preferred Hema to me. How dare anyone call my husband a womanizer when half the industry is doing the same thing? All heroes are having affairs and getting married a second time… He may not be the best husband, though he is very good to me, but he is certainly the best father. His children love him a lot. He never neglects them.”

What Prakash said about Hema Malini

Moreover, she also clarified that she did not blame Hema for what had happened between her and Dharmendra, but said she would never do what Hema had done.

Prakash had said, “I can understand what Hema is going through. Even she has to face the world, her relatives and her friends. But if I were in Hema’s place, I would not have done what she did. For, as a woman, I can understand her feelings. But as a wife and a mother I do not approve of them.”

Prakash spoke about trusting Dharmendra

Despite everything Prakash had said she never lost respect for Dharmendra. She had said he ‘is the first and last man’ in her life. She added that he was the father of her children and that she ‘loved and respected him a lot’.

Prakash had also said that ‘what had happened had happened’, but she did not know whether she should blame Dharmendra or destiny for it. She added that if she ever needed Dharmendra, she knew he would be there for her. She added she had ‘not lost’ her trust in him as he was the father of her children.

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