Is Kanye tired of Kardashian’s drama? Sources say Ye is ‘limiting communication’


The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian co-parenting saga continues, with sources revealing that the rapper is making a conscious effort to distance himself from the drama. While on vacation with his new wife, Bianca Censori, Kanye is reportedly “limiting communication” with Kim and the Kardashian family.

Kim Kardashian was married to Kanye West for eight years.
Kim Kardashian was married to Kanye West for eight years.

In recent weeks, Kim Kardashian has been open about her struggles with Kanye, even breaking down in tears as she expressed how he has changed since their marriage. However, it seems that Kanye is choosing to remain low-key and avoid adding fuel to the fire.

According to insiders, Kanye, also known as Ye, has been co-parenting effectively with his ex-wife despite her emotional outpouring. Kim’s confession about yearning for the person she married has struck a chord, but Kanye is taking a step back from the situation.

Sources suggest that the Grammy-winning artist is deliberately avoiding the internet and maintaining distance from social media. While enjoying his holiday in Tokyo with Bianca, Kanye is only utilizing Wi-Fi on his phone, intentionally delaying texts and calls. By disconnecting from the digital realm, he hopes to shield himself from public opinion and potential backlash.

Kanye’s focus during this time is on his budding relationship with Bianca, with whom he recently tied the knot in a private ceremony just months after finalizing his divorce from Kim. The couple has been seen exploring Japan together, joined by Kanye’s daughter, North West, and Bianca’s sister, Angelina Censori.

Insiders emphasize the strength of Kanye and Bianca’s bond, describing them as deeply in love and supportive of each other. They are determined to maintain their peace and not let anything disrupt their newfound happiness.

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While Kanye and Bianca’s romance blossoms, co-parenting remains a priority for Kanye. Despite the limited communication with Kim and the Kardashian clan, both parents are committed to providing a stable upbringing for their children.


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