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Constipation is much more common in women but men spend more time in loo and also tend to fart more than females according to a survey conducted in UK that studied bowel habits of the UK. The Big Poo Review – in partnership with Steph’s Packed Lunch, on Channel 4 – provided a sneak peek into the bathrooms of Britain and came up with some interesting insights. Around 142,768 people in the United Kingdom aged 18 or older took part in this survey that took inputs from 110,627 females, 32,023 males and 118 people who selected ‘other’. (Also read: Constipation can cause these common skin issues; dermats on tips to treat)

When it comes to answering nature’s call, men take more time (5.26 minutes) than women (3.53 minutes), as per the survey.(Freepik)

Around 13% males and more than 23% of females reported suffering from constipation out of the 21% constipated people who participated in survey. Diarrhoea on the other hand as per this survey is found to be more common in males (17.5%) as compared to women (14.7%.), while IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), a condition characterised by stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation troubled more women (19.1%) than men (10.1%)

As per Dr Will Bulsiewicz, ZOE’s U.S. medical director and a board-certified gastroenterologist, the reasons could range from females having longer bowel transit time to female sex hormones that can slow bowel motility.

Who spends more time in loo – men or women?

When it comes to answering nature’s call, men take more time (5.26 minutes) than women (3.53 minutes), as per the survey. According to Dr B, spending extra time in loo isn’t ideal as blood moves into the tissue surrounding your bottom as you squat and this can exacerbate haemorrhoids.

More females suffer from IBS than men

Around 10.1% men suffer from irritable bowel syndrome while 19.1% women report this digestive issue as per the survey.

Men fart more than women

As per Big Poo Review, females fart on an average 8 times a day while males break the wind 9 times a day. The survey also found that the younger age group breaks wind most often (9.8 times per day) compared to those aged 58 or more who only fart 7.3 times a day on an average.

Survey also noted that most of the people do not poo after waking up and more than 60% have bowel movement after breakfast.

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