Isro launches a space science online training programme. How to join for free?


In an effort to promote space science and technology awareness, Indian Space Research Organisation or Isro has launched a free online training program that provides an introductory-level understanding of space exploration. (ALSO READ | Chandrayaan-3 launch likely on July 13: Officials)

Isro's START programme is free.(PTI)
Isro’s START programme is free.(PTI)

What is covered in the Isro’s START lecture series?

The lectures cover:

Introduction to space

Solar System

Comparative Planetology

Space Weather

Astronomy & Astrophysics


Indian Space Exploration Programme

Research Opportunities in Space Science & Technology

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Here’s the schedule of the special series

Training is tentatively scheduled for July-Aug with 2-3 hours/day lectures for 2-3 weeks. It will be conducted online through the Indian space agency’s e-class platform

Who should participate?

The programme primarily aims at undergraduate and postgraduate students of science and technology. Earlier the course was opened to limited participants but, ISRO says, owning to the enthusiasm the participation is now extended to other students and enthusiasts.

How to register for Isro’s START programme?

One can register at .

After registration, an email link will be provided for activation. The user has to select the START programme and complete the registration.

Isro says, over 280 universities have been accepted as project nodal centres. Students at these institutions may scroll-select and register through the institution/nodal centre to be eligible to take examinations and receive merit certificates.

General people can register individually at the same link and attend the sessions through

What is the fee and deadline for Isro’s START programme?

The START programme is free. There is no registration fee/admission fee. The last date for registration is July 15.

It should be noted that the lectures can be watched without registration too, by clicking here. However, participation certificates will be provided only to the eligible registrants.


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