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Actor and social media influencer Kusha Kapila took to her Instagram account on Monday and announced the news of her separation from husband Zorawar Ahluwalia. Ever since the news of her separation went public, she started trending on Twitter. Many users reacted to the news and posted unfavourable comments while many also defended her decision. (Also read: Kusha Kapila announces separation from husband Zorawar Ahluwalia, turns off comments on post)

Kusha Kapila announced her separation from with husband Zorawar Ahluwalia on Instagram.
Kusha Kapila announced her separation from with husband Zorawar Ahluwalia on Instagram.

Kusha announced her separation

Kusha wrote in her latest post, “Zorawar and I have mutually decided to part ways. This hasn’t been an easy decision by any measure but we know it’s the right one at this point in our lives. The love and life we have shared together continues to mean everything for us but sadly, what we seek currently for ourselves doesn’t align. We gave it our all, until we couldn’t anymore.” She also mentioned that both Zorawar and her will continue to co-parent their pet dog Maya.

Reactions to Kusha’s post

Reacting to the post, many users started writing negative comments about the divorce on Twitter. Many brought up an old video of her and Karan Johar in an interview where Kusha agreed to the statement when Karan said sexual infidelity is not infidelity. A user schooled the negative comments and said that they were just joking in that interview. “Some people resorting to old articles and interviews, twisting them to fabricate conspiracy theories in order to judge & insult someone for their personal life choices is bewildering. ” said the user on Twitter. “My opinion on the #KushaKapila divorce is that I have no business having an opinion on her personal life.” said another.

Kusha Kapila trended on Twitter

Many also posted pictures of Kusha and Zorawar on Twitter after the news broke out and made suggestive comments about them on Twitter. To this, a user clapped back, “Kusha Kapila is a popular fashion editor, comedian, actress, and YouTuber who recently announced her separation from her husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. It’s not a laughing matter, and we should respect their privacy during this difficult time. #KushaKapila” Another said, “I knew kusha is famous as influencer but the amount of attention her divorce is getting af is so unrealistic bc, people cant even find jobs these days, but they just need to know why zorawar is a dumb a**. How modern women are corrupt. How zorawar is not famous.#KushaKapila”

Many requested users to stop passing comments on someone else’s relationship and use social media in a responsible manner. A tweet read, “Could people just stfu about Kusha Kapila’s recent post! What do you or I know about the realities of their relationship!? How is Kusha wrong if she more famous than Zor? How is it her fault? It is a mutual decision! You’ll don’t have to be advocates here! #KushaKapila” A user also called out a tweet made when Ashish Vidyarthi married for the second time, and said, “Some people are disgusting on this platform. When this 60 year old uncle got remarried after leaving wife of several years no judgemental aunties or boomers commented anything. You people just reveal your inherent hate against women by doing this.”

Besides being a social media influencer, Kusha is popular for appearing on the show Son of Abish hosted by Abish Mathew. She also hosted Season 3 of Comicstaan and appeared in Plan A Plan B. Kusha also appeared as one of the jury members on Season 7 of Koffee with Karan.


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