Telegram to soon introduce Stories feature, announces its founder Durov

Messaging app Telegram will be launching Stories soon, its founder and chief executive officer Pavel Durov announced. This feature is in a testing phase and will be out in July this year.

A man is seen as a silhouette as he checks a mobile device whilst standing against an illuminated wall bearing Telegram’s logo.(Bloomberg)

On his Telegram channel, Durov said that more than half of all feature requests that he receives is related to Stories. Meta’s Facebook and Instagram do have this feature.

While announcing the update, the Telegram founder also said the Stories feature will make the app more ‘social and fun’. The user will be able to define who will be able to view his/her Stories, i.e everyone, only contacts, few selected contacts or a list of Close Friends.

Durov said the Stories will be located in an expandable section at the top of the chat list which makes it easily accessible. A user will be able to easily hide Stories, and also move it to the ‘Hidden’ list in the Contacts section.

Durov said the Stories feature not only has photo and video-editing tools, but also enables captions to add more context or links and tag other people. The users will get an option to post photos and videos taken by front and rear cameras simultaneously.

The users will be able to pick when their story expires, i.e in six, 12, 24 or 48 hours. They can also choose to permanently display stories on the profile page with individual privacy settings for each story.

Durov said the app will launch the ability to repost measages from channels to stories.

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