Nourishing properties of hemp oil for pets: Pet care experts debunk myths

When we say hemp oil, we refer to both hemp seed oil and the CBD or Cannabidiol oil because the CBD is also extracted from the hemp plant while hemp seed oil is a cold press of the hemp seeds which are very high in omega 3, 6 and 9 and they also have a few micronutrients like magnesium, zinc in traces but mainly for pets it’s high in omega 3 and 6 which is great for their skin and coat and the biggest supplement right now for pets and even for humans, it’s fish oil or salmon oil. According to experts, hemp seed oil can replace fish oil and salmon oil because of its omega content and it is 100% plant based hence, the absorption and breakdown is easier while compared to a fish oil, which sometimes in a lot of dogs, causes indigestion, bloating and a lot of issues with the gastric.

Nourishing properties of hemp oil for pets: Experts debunk myths and misconceptions (Image by Edyta Stawiarska from Pixabay)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Daanish Matheen, CEO and Founder of Cure By Design, shared, “Due to the plant based nature of this product, it is highly bioavailable. We’ve seen amazing results for skin conditions, bacterial conditions, fungal infections, both topically and orally. It works much better orally, but if there is a fungal infection then Hemp seed oil can be used topically. There are a range of edible paw balms containing hemp seed oil and other ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax which are 100% licksafe and can also be used topically. The other hemp oil is with CBD and there are two variants. In one the carrier oil is Hemp Seed oil (because Hemp Seed oil is great for skin and immunity) with 500 mg of CBD and the other variant is MCT (a form of coconut oil) coconut oil with CBD as the active ingredient that helps in curing any chronic or mild pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, pain management, mood management, separation anxiety, car anxiety, aggression, keeps the dog calm from the fire crackers during festive seasons like Diwali.”

Myths and misconceptions:

Daanish Matheen said, “9 out of 10 times we recommend the hemp seed oil version but the MCT coconut oil with CBD version was launched primarily for dogs with epilepsy because there are also other studies where MCT is a great oil just by itself for humans and dogs with epilepsy. MCT is also recommended for dogs with heart ailments.” Debunking some myths, he highlighted:

  • There are misconceptions because of it being from the hemp plant which is closely related to marijuana but doctors and trustable channels help break the stigma because even if somebody who has this misconception is prescribed it, they go home and Google it, get educated.
  • Adding to this, people are also generally concerned if there is THC (the psychoactive compound). Some people have a misconception that THC impacts the dogs in a way that they get drowsy, it makes them feel lethargic and very inactive. To clear this, it’s important to know that CBD is used with very little to zero THC.

How does hemp oil help pets?

Dr Champak Naik, Senior Vet and Founder at Precise Pet Clinic and Diagnostics answered, “When we are talking about CBD (Cannabidiol oil) or hemp oil, what we generally look at is the medicinal part of the hemp plant or the CBD plant. There’s a lot of misconception about THC and CBD. A lot of people who aren’t aware of CBD or hemp oil benefits, tend to think that it’s a drug or a recreational drug that people use to consume or smoke. This is not a drug, this is the medicinal part of it that has no recreational or habit-forming properties. It’s purely a medicinal compound of the plant.”

He explained, “Currently, hemp oil is used as a very strong anti-inflammatory that helps in certain joint issues, especially dogs with or cats with arthritis, bone problems, pain related to that, it helps in reducing allergies and nausea-related symptoms. It calms them. It’s an anti-anxiety medication as well and works well for pets that are anxious around crackers, loud noises, or pets who are squeamish in the car, or don’t like travelling too much.”

Dr Champak Naik elaborated, “Although it may not have worked on 100% of the pets, 60 to 70% of the pets that have been put on hemp oil and CBD on, they have actually shown a fair amount of improvement. So it calms them down and kind of relaxes them, reducing anxiety levels. It works as an appetite stimulant as well. If you overdose them they do get a bit drowsy but other than that it’s known to help them have a better sleep, avoid irrelevant stimuli and less anxiety in general.”

Why is there an interest in hemp oil among pet parents?

According to Dr Champak Naik, there are different categories and types of people who tend to accept this a lot quicker because they have access to Instagram and are more open to being organic, more healthy, more natural in their own choice of products. He said, “In those circles, CBD and hemp oil have made their entry. People already know about that and don’t need much of an education curve when we prescribe but there are people who are not so aware of it as well, resulting in the 60% education curve that we face. 40% of the people have either used it themselves or their pets or just know about it. 60% of the people have no clue about it. However, just about 10% of the people reject the treatment or are very skeptical about this. A lot of people seem to accept once we say that it is a plant extract. Post Covid, there is a general trend to eat more organic, healthier stuff and the urban population is especially vigilant of what they put in their body. Therefore, it is a much easier and acceptable alternative for people.”

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