‘Lots of confusion, mistake and..’Olivia’s note to fans ahead of album launch.

American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo announced on Twitter that her new album ‘Guts’ is out on September 8th. The “good 4 u’ singer is super excited to share this moment with her fans, as she says the album was written during a year “filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness, and good old-fashioned teen angst.”

Olivia Rodrigo(Spotify)

Here’s what to expect from “Guts”, which will be hitting the market early this September: Based on the teaser of ‘Vampire, to which Rodrigo announced that it would officially be released on June 30th, it showcases a slower piano-centric ballad and is not likely of a pop-punk genre like ‘good 4 u.”

We can see in the promo building up to this song a black and white shot of Olivia with a purple bandage on her neck, which shows where the vampire bite really is.

Olivia writes to her fans online, “I cannot express how excited I am to embark on this new chapter of my life with you guys.” The Guts album was recorded with Daniel Nigro, who produced ‘Sour’. The album was made during a very crucial time in Olivia’s life, hence showcasing her utmost feelings of gratitude and graciousness to the fans.

A lot of the tweets flooding in are from her fans, who are coming out to say that they can predict how this album is going to be relatable to their lives, with Olivia already having to prove herself to be that big of an artist in the game.

This young prodigy starting her career from Disney and is currently the longest-running debut album of the 21st century and the Billboard chart. If there is anything Olivia is trying to showcase it is most certainly that she is in it for the long run by trying to make a massive impact at such a young age. Only time shall tell whether her new album “Guts” breaks records with respect to all her previous hits.


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