This LinkedIn tool will use generative AI to help you write posts


LinkedIn is testing a feature that will use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to convert a basic idea into a full-fledged post.

Representational Image (Reuters)(REUTERS)
Representational Image (Reuters)(REUTERS)

Keren Baruch, Director of Product, LinkedIn, announced this in a post on the popular job-search network.

Keren Baruch's LinkedIn post.
Keren Baruch’s LinkedIn post.

“When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, we’ve heard that you generally know what you want to say, but going from a great idea to a full fledged post and time consuming. So, we’re starting to test a way for members to use generative AI directly within the LinkedIn share box,” Baruch wrote in the post.

How will the AI tool work?

According to Baruch, you must begin with a basic post that has at least 30 words; these are your own thoughts, and outline what you want to say. Then, with generative AI, you can create a first draft. It is this first draft that can be edited, polished, and modified to create the final post.

As mentioned by Baruch, the aim of this feature is to reduce the time taken to write a proper post, and to make it easier for a user to express their thoughts in a better way.

‘Excited for feedback’

She further stated that feedback will be sought from users before the tool is rolled out to be used by members of the Microsoft-owned platform. Also, more details are in store, she added.


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