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Rajpal Yadav has become a household name for his comedic roles in Bollywood. The actor, however, has not quite talked about dealing with tragedy early in his life. In a new interview, the actor shared that his first wife died when he was just 20 years-old. (Also read: Former R&AW chief Vikram Sood refuses to waste time on Pathaan, laughs over love story with ‘ISI agent’)

Rajpal Yadav opened up about losing his first wife to childbirth in a new interview.
Rajpal Yadav opened up about losing his first wife to childbirth in a new interview.

Rajpal Yadav recently clocked 25 years in the industry. Earlier he had shared that when he looks back at his career, he is okay to have never rejected roles because of limited screen time. In a new interview, he detailed how his first wife right after giving birth to his daughter.

Rajpal on his first wife’s death

Speaking to The Lallantop, Rajpal said, “Back in the day, if you were a 20-year-old man with a job, people would ask your family to get you married. So, my father got me married. My first wife, she just delivered a baby, a daughter, and died. I was supposed to meet her the next day but was then carrying her dead body on my shoulders. But thanks to my family, my mother, my sister-in-law, it never felt like my daughter didn’t have her mother, she grew up with a lot of love.”

Rajpal on his second wife Radha

In the same interview, the actor also opened up about his second wife Radha Yadav, whom he married in 2003. He said how she has always been a huge support in his life. “I have never asked my wife to wear saree or anything. The way I talk to my mother, my wife talks to her the same way. She learnt the language, one day when I reached the village, I saw that woh muh dhak ke baithi hui hai (she covered her face and sat there), because in villages women live a certain way. Whenever she visits the village–during Holi and Diwali–no one can gauge that she knows five languages!… After my guru, my parents, the one who supported me the most is my wife, 100 percent. Radha also raised the daughter I had from my first wife, as her own. She is in Lucknow today, happily married but the credit goes to my family and wife. I did nothing, I was just a medium, everything came along and helped,” added the actor.

Rajpal Yadav will be next seen in supporting roles in Kartik Aaryan’s Satyaprem Ki Katha and Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2.


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