Margot Robbie gives fans a tour of the Barbie Dream House before the movie releases next month


The fans are amazed by the first look of the Barbie movie trailer, where a lot of work has been put into the making of the set for the ‘Barbie Dream House’. A recent video posted by Architectural Digest featuring Australian actress Margot Elise Robbie, who will be playing the role of Barbie, gives us a tour of the entire production and what went on behind the scenes of this fascinating set.

Barbie Dream House(Architectural Digest)
Barbie Dream House(Architectural Digest)

The entire basis and theme of the setup were done on ‘Pink, and it truly gives the viewers an experience of bringing the animated sequel to life. In the video tour of the Barbie Dream House, we get a glimpse of the house, which consists of the entrance at the very beginning of the video, which is later opened by Barbie herself (Margot Robbie). As the tour progresses, we get an insight into how the entire set is made and what thought went into bringing the whole idea of Barbie to life.

The Movie gives an overview of Barbie coming to the human world and facing the challenges of convincing people that she’s actually Barbie, and the problems eventually build on top of what the trailers have showcased so far. So to conclude, the movie wouldn’t really be presented much in the Barbie universe, but this shows the amount of effort and planning that has gone into the integral segments of the movie.

The Dream House is inspired by Palm Springs, and hence we can see a lot of attributes with respect to the sunsets they used in the backdrop of the set, and the way they have added onto palm trees to bring in the little tropical aspect makes the buildup very detailed and interesting.

When the Barbie merchandise first hit the market, it was a big success, and we also saw the versatility of the merchandise in terms of its outfit and display. There was a Barbie for every occasion and outfit, and this keeps the team and production of Barbie up to the same level of flexibility in order to make the movie more connecting to the audience.



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