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With the sweltering summer heat, resisting the urge to take multiple cold water showers, chug ice water or even sit with an ice pack is hard. If the idea of dunking your face in a bowl of ice water has ever popped into your head, this is your sign to go for it. Recently, fashion and beauty influencer Komal Pandey took to her Insta Stories to share that she has been dipping her face into a bowl of ice water for the past five months and it has make a big difference in her life. She also shared a list of reasons why it helps her: “It helps wake up my skin and give an instant boost of energy… It reduces the swelling on my face… What i have noticed is that my makeup sits brilliantly on my face… This little hack helps me manage my anxiety. Like most trends, icing your face has come back into vogue with celebrities touting its benefits. We explore different ways you can add this simple step to your daily routine.

Young and beautiful woman washing her face
Young and beautiful woman washing her face

How to ice your face

There are several ways to one can employ to ice the face:

The most basic way is by using a regular ice cube. Simply wrap it in a thin cloth or a clean tissue and gently glide it over your face in circular motions.

Dip your face in ice water by simply filling a deep bowl with cold water and ice cubes.

Ice soaks are another technique. It is the use of a disposable face mask sheet which can be dipped in cold water and then applied on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. It can instantly help the skin feel tighter and improve blood circulation.

For a more luxurious experience, use a jade roller or a stainless-steel roller that has been chilled in the fridge. They are great for face icing and also help with lymphatic drainage.

What are the benefits

Icing your face can help tighten the skin and temporarily shrink enlarged pores by improving blood circulation and reducing the appearance of oiliness on the skin. Other benefits include the de-puffing of under-eye bags and a natural, healthy glow due to the boost in circulation. However, no real scientific data or any studies have been done to really prove its long term benefits.

What is Cryotherapy facial?

Ice facial is a non-invasive treatment that is simple, inexpensive and can be performed quickly in an outpatient setting. Cryotherapy is delivered with various cryogens with liquid nitrogen being the most common and effective cryogen for clinical use (temperature –196°C). In a Cryotherapy facial, pressurised and condensed air is applied to the face and neck area to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, tighten pores and even skin tone. The cryogenically cooled air is applied through a fine jet, allowing focused and targeted treatment. When the skin experiences these cold temperatures, the body’s natural defence system is triggered. The procedure releases endorphins and boosts blood circulation. The overall skin response to the treatment will be to recover, repair and rejuvenate.

Benefits of ice facials

Inflammation on any part of the body requires icing to reduce it and the principle can be applied to the facial skin. Icing facing also reduces the signs of inflammation like redness, puffiness, swelling etc. Ice facials can help those dealing with rosacea and acne by calming down the triggers caused by inflammatory agents. It can be used in actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses etc. Icing calms and soothes irritated skin so that the acne ointments can do their work. Cryotherapy can exfoliate dead skin cells and promotes new cell growth, giving you an even skin tone.

Ice baths can have benefits

Taking to the ‘gram, actor Rakul Preet Singh, shared a video where she took a dip in a pool surrounded by snow at -15 degree temperature. Known as Cryotherapy or cold immersion therapy, submerging yourself in an ice bath for atleast 10 to 15 minutes can be beneficial for recovery post an intense exercise routine. Cold exposure causes blood vessels to contract. Consequently, less blood reaches the injured areas, which helps reduce swelling and irritation. This lessens discomfort as well. It is then possible that the cycle that generates free radicals stops and there is a relief in inflammation. It is possible that cold temperatures speed up your metabolism. Your body temperature rises as a result of thermogenesis, which takes place when you shiver, and this quickens your metabolism.

How to have ice baths at home

Immerse your body Slowly as you get comfortable starting with your feet, then your legs and next your waist, after you enter into your ice bath, breathe and stay calm to avoid any shock to your system. Soak until you feel good & do not pressurize yourself to stay there even if not comfortable. Exit your body slowly once 3-10 minutes are over, remove those cold, wet clothes, dry yourself off and warm up! You can end the process by drinking warm water to warm up your system. You can have an ice bath once in two weeks is you do not have any any skin reactions or discomfort.

Things to remember

Have a warm towel and clothes prepared so you can jump out of the cold and wrap your body into the warm towel! Do no have an ice bath nude. Wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt to protect your skin. Remember do not stay in the cold tub for more than 10 minutes as it’s the maximum recommended time. Also if you’re a beginner, start off with 3 minutes only.

Shared experiences

Sana Grover, influencer

Ever since I started shuttling between Delhi and London, face icing has been my skin’s saviour. The changing weather wasn’t working in favour of my skin. I think of it as a quick, mini spa session and do ice therapy thrice a week as a part of my skincare regimen. On some days, when I’m feeling extra bougie, I mix things up with rose water, which is a natural toner and it soothes the skin even more. It helps in boosting the blood circulation, tightens pores, and reduces puffiness. I use it as a part of my skincare routine in the morning and it has changed the entire game for me.

Ritvi Shah, Influencer

I’ve been following this simple practice for the past five years, and let me tell you, it has been incredibly effective It sounded unconventional, but it has been a game-changer for me. Whether it’s due to lack of sleep or a long day, using a few cubes of ice can works wonders in reducing puffiness, especially around the eyes and face by constricting the blood vessels and reducing the swelling and inflammation. I also ice my face before doing my skincare since the cold helps prime my skin, allowing my serums, moisturizers, and masks to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. It’s like giving your skincare routine a power boost!

Anushka Hazra, Influencer

I started icing my face every morning about two years ago and I swear by it. For someone who wakes up with a really puffy face in the morning, face icing is literally one of the “coolest” hacks. I prefer icing my face before doing my makeup sometimes (especially when there’s a big event that I am attending) as facial icing also acts as a great primer. Apart from all the beauty benefits that it has to offer, one of my favourite aspects about icing my face is that it genuinely calms down my anxiety and stress while also energising me for the day ahead. It feels so soothing and therapeutic.


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