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The Perfect Find began screening exclusively on Netflix on Friday, June 23. Directed by Numa Perrier, the romantic comedy is an adaptation of the book by Tia Williams. Starring Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, and Gina Torres, it is the story of Jenna Jones (Union) who risks her career in fashion for an intense romantic relationship with Eric, the son of her boss Darcy (Torres) and almost 20 years her junior.

Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers in The Perfect Find(Netflix)
Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers in The Perfect Find(Netflix)

Jenna Jones was living a wonderful life with her successful career and a longtime lover. But after a devastating break-up and getting fired from her job, she falls into a slump. She found refuge from the tabloids at her parents’ home but now, her mother has kicked her out.

The 40-year-old fashion magazine editor lands in New York, seeking a job from her nemesis, Darcy. The two women share a bitter history of Jenna snatching jobs and men from Darcy. Yet, Darcy knows she needs Jenna’s skills and offers her the job without too much humiliation.

At a party one night, Jenna meets an attractive, recently graduated man named Eric. The two end up making out but Jenna flees before taking things further. At work the next day, Jenna meets her co-worker and the boss’ son, Eric from last night. What ensues is a forbidden romance, complete with swoon-worthy drama, heated scenes, and hilarious moments.

The movie features an all-black cast that delivered a brilliant performance. The onscreen chemistry between Jenna Jones and her rival-turned-boss, Darcy, was one of the best elements of the movie. Their chilly interactions with sharp banter, laced with the acidity of their resentment and history, stole the show. Alongside, Eric with his charm and smooth demeanour, added the trademark glamour of feel-good romcoms.

The Perfect Find revels in its flamboyance and maximalism. It contains the classic ‘Grand Romantic Gestures’ of loudly proclaiming your love from across parks and outside buildings. It is set in the fashion industry and the characters’ attires often consist of bold prints, loud jewellery, and complex hairstyles.

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Instead of being another cringe-comedy however, the movie is an enchanting blend of steamy yet wholesome. Union plays her middle-aged character with the grace and maturity it deserves. The characters are fun and lovable. It isn’t a perfect movie but it is heartwarming and spicy and perfect enough for hopeless romantics.


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