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Model Jad Hadid is confusing Bigg Boss OTT 2 fans. He seems to have the hots for Manisha Rani and Akanksha Puri, both and was recently caught on camera, get a little too cosy with the latter. Earlier this week, he was caught on the live feed camera, touching her in a way that left her uncomfortable.

A moment from Bigg Boss OTT 2 has left many uncomfortable.
A moment from Bigg Boss OTT 2 has left many uncomfortable.

In the video, being shared on social media now but shot earlier this week, Akanksha and Jad are seen in the garden area with others. They are talking casually when Jad suddenly holds her in his hands and pulls her close. Akanksha tries to get out of his grip and turns her face away.

She clearly tells him, “Don’t do that.” He asks, “Why?” She says, “Dunno. I don’t like touches so much.” Jad just looked at her face.

Fans of the show were upset on seeing this but praised Akanksha for being clear. “Very good akanksha you have stopped him right there,” wrote one. “Very good akansha,” commented another. A person wrote on Twitter, “why does #jadhadid act like a creep and pervert ? #AkanshaPuri and other girls like #JiyaShankar need to set some boundaries. #tharkijad” Another person wrote, “Yes how can you touch someone like that without their permission. Jad toh aakanksha k peeche kuch zyada hi pagal h (he’s a little too mad for Akanksha) infact he’s flirting with everyone.”

However, looks like Akanksha is still not too upset with him. On Friday night’s episode, Jad told Akanksha that he hopes for more than just friendship with her. She, however, told him that she is not looking for get into a relationship with anyone at all and that it was not about him.

Jad also told Akanksha that she was the ‘female version’ of him. “Thank you so much, really. I don’t know how it would have looked like if there was no you here, like this moment of peace, you get sometimes when you are like in the chaos, in the mess, the noises and everything and you feel like you just want to run away and isolate yourself and have a glass of martini or champagne.”


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