Is Pieyon truly Aqua Hoshino? Or is there something more intriguing in play?

The latest episode of Oshi no Ko delighted fans with Pieyon’s face reveal. Under the tweety bird mask was Aqua, using this opportunity to get Kana Arima to confide in him. But is the cold and calculating Aquamarine Hoshino really the chirpy and cheery Pieyon?

Ruby Hoshino and Kana Arima feature in physical training YouTuber, Pieyon’s video(Doga Kobo)

Fans are wary due to the vast differences between Aqua and Pieyon. They believe that Aqua is simply pretending to be Pieyon for this scene. To begin with, the two look nothing alike in terms of appearance. Pieyon is a buff, tanned bodybuilder. Aqua, on the other hand, is a lean, pale teenager. His small stature noticeably contrasts with Pieyon’s looming presence.

Furthermore, Pieyon was a professional dancer before his current YouTuber career. While there is no information on Aqua’s dancing abilities, it seems unlikely that he would be a professional dancer while simultaneously attending school and dedicating a large portion of his time to uncovering his father’s identity.

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The strongest fan theory so far is that Pieyon is Kazeno from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Kaguya-sama is another manga written by Oshi no Ko’s author, Akasaka Aka. Fans have reason to believe that these two stories exist in the same universe. A character from Kaguya-sama, namely Tsubame, was singing a B-Komachi song. In one of the Kaguya-sama’s chapters, readers noticed B-Komachi’s posters on the wall. Furthermore, the fictional manga,Sweet Today, also exists in both stories. Therefore, Kaguya-sama: Love is War and Oshi no Ko might overlap.

Kazeno is a minor character from Kaguya-sama. He was a burly student at Shuichiin Academy. His tall figure is often hidden behind a baggy hoodie but he might have trained and developed his muscles. He was the captain of his school’s Cheer Club which attests to his dancing skills. Kazeno is portrayed as a vivacious and charismatic character which lines up with Pieyon’s personality. He was also an intelligent student and ranked fourth in the senior class. Pieyon is an extremely successful online physical trainer. The Youtuber is the top earner in his agency, Ichigo Productions. To survive in the industry, one needs to be incredibly shrewd, which Kazeno has proved he is. Moreover, in Kaguya-sama, Kazeno became obsessed with idols after his break up with his girlfriend. And the cherry on top, Kazeno and Pieyon share the same voice actor, Taishi Murata!

It is possible that Pieyon is actually adult Kazeno. Fans have also analysed the timeline for the stories using Sweet Today as a connector. It is possible that the manga got delayed for various reasons; maybe the author was working on another project. Additionally, the live-action might have been produced 3-4 years after the manga ended. It might seem improbable but the live-action for Death Note was produced 11 years after the manga ended. So the timeline could line. It is possible that Kazeno graduated and worked as a dancer for a while before beginning his career as a physical trainer. Fans are excited and hoping this alludes to more cameos by the characters from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

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