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Singer, @ankurtewari

A secret skill Ankur Tewari has? He can make good butter chicken.
A secret skill Ankur Tewari has? He can make good butter chicken.

Currently I am: Mentoring artists for Ballantine’s True Music.

High point in life: The release of Gully Boy.

Low point in life: I think the low points are what you write about, so that they become the high points.

On my playlist: Tribemama Marykali, Patty Smyth, and a podcast called Norah Jones is Playing Along.

On my speed dial: My folks and my management.

Today I’m craving: A nice nap.

Next big splurge: A home party with friends.

Last thing I ordered online: Shoes.

Advice I’d give my 18-year-old self: I wouldn’t give any advice. The 18-year-old me had a blast.

A secret skill I have: I can make good butter chicken.

A superpower I wish I had: Reading people’s minds.

My favourite Sunday memory while growing up: Eating breakfast while watching He-Man.

My most star-struck moment so far: Being at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

My favourite bad habit: Being lazy.

A trait I despise in people: When they’re not punctual.

I won’t leave the house without…: My house keys.

The best thing about fame: Easy access.

The worst thing about fame: Loss of anonymity.

From HT Brunch, June 24, 2023

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