Experience Genshin Impact’s epic event, Paimon’s Food Fest at Anime Expo 2023

Fellow Americans treat is upon you! Genshin Impact, the popular fantasy open-world RPG game by HoYoverse, is set to captivate fans of Los Angeles, California, U.S. with an exciting offline event in July 2023.

Immerse yourself in the immersive open-world RPG game and participate in thrilling activities inspired by the fan-favorite region of Liyue. (Image Credit: HoYoverse)

Known for its immersive gameplay and gacha mechanics, Genshin Impact has become a standard-bearer for modern gacha games, surpassing even PlayStation in profits in 2022.

Now, HoYoverse is expanding its horizons beyond the virtual realm, bringing Genshin Impact to life in a fan-favorite region.

HoYoverse recently announced the date and time for Genshin Impact’s highly anticipated 3.8 Special Program Livestream through the game’s official Twitter account.

The upcoming livestream will showcase new game content and development details for version 3.8, along with redemption codes and prizes for viewers. Fans can catch the livestream on Genshin’s official YouTube channel on June 23 at 8 AM. While HoYoverse frequently hosts virtual events for the game, this upcoming event will take place offline in July.

What to expect from the Anime Expo 2023’s Genshin Impact event

Paimon’s Food Fest, the offline Genshin Impact event, will be held at Anime Expo 2023 from July 1 to July 4. The event will feature two exciting activities: the Liyue Cook-Off Challenge and the Liyue Harbor Check-In.

Players will have the opportunity to participate in a cook-off with Liyue’s renowned chef Xiangling, bringing the in-game experience to life. The Genshin Impact booth at the expo will resemble Liyue, a region heavily inspired by China, and will showcase beloved characters such as Xiangling and Hyeyoung.

Visit the booth in Entertainment Hall E-08 at the Los Angeles Convention Center to immerse yourself in the world of the modern gacha game.

Attendees of Paimon’s Food Fest will also have the chance to win exclusive prizes and purchase merchandise, including adorable chibi stickers of Genshin Impact characters and Paimon balloons. Plus, theopen-world RPG game will collaborate with Pixiv, an online community for artists, during the convention.

The exhibition hall, located in Exhibit Hall No. 4506, will showcase official Genshin Impact concept art alongside fan art, providing a delightful visual feast for fans.

This offline event is not HoYoverse’s only venture beyond the boundaries of the game. The company recently teased an upcoming Genshin Impact anime adaptation with a stunning promotional video featuring various locations in Liyue.

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Collaborating with Ufotable, the creators of the Demon Slayer series, HoYoverse aims to bring the rich world of Genshin Impact to life in an animated form. Meanwhile, HoYoverse’s latest RPG release, Honkai: Star Rail, continues to thrive alongside Genshin Impact. While both games share similarities, Genshin Impact appeals to players who prefer real-time action combat, an immersive open world, and an earthy aesthetic compared to Honkai: Star Rail’s cybercore style.

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