Myths about friendship that we need to debunk


When we grow up, we hear a lot about friendships and the way they are – it creates a certain stereotype in our minds, and we try to shape our friendships in the same way as we see in movies and read in books about. However, in reality, the concept of friendships and relationships are far different than what we see. “Think about the societal messages you’ve heard about friendships. When I think of what I’ve heard, it usually goes like this… Best friends forever. Through thick and thin. It’ll always be easy. A friend will always understand you. True friendships doesn’t have issues. These messages kept me in relationships where I was being mistreated, misunderstood, or that were one sided. So many times we stick by myths when we don’t know any better, I know I have,” wrote Therapist Divya Robin as she explained this further.

Myths about friendship that we need to debunk(Pixabay)
Myths about friendship that we need to debunk(Pixabay)

End of friendships are easier than romantic relationships: Heartbreaks of any kind can be painful. When we are very attached to another person, we grieve a lot when that relationship ends.

True friends are always there for us: No matter how amazing that sounds, this can come with the hidden thought of disrespecting boundaries. When we think we will have our friends through time, we can also end up taking them for granted.

Friends should not compare themselves: Jealousy and comparison are normal in any relationship, however that should be addressed through healthy communication.

Friendships should feel same over time: Like any relationship, friendships can also feel different with time – however, that should not stop us from putting in efforts and staying connected with them.

Friendship should work: There is no model as to how a friendship should work. With efforts and healthy communication, we can make it work.


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