Joy Behar has an explanation behind Titanic sub’s disappearance, is she right?

The View co-host Joy Behar didn’t hold back as she discussed the disappearance of the submersible en route to the Titanic wreckage, highlighting the irony and hubris involved. In a candid monologue, Behar drew parallels between the ill-fated Titanic and the current situation, emphasizing the dangers of human arrogance.

The View co-host Joy Behar didn’t hold back as she discussed the disappearance of the submersible.

Her fellow hosts chimed in, contemplating the complexities of man versus nature and the mysterious depths of the ocean. As rescue efforts intensify, concerns about the submersible’s safety and the company behind it come to the forefront.

The Irony of Hubris

Behar, known for her sharp wit, humorously pointed out the irony in the missing submersible’s situation. Comparing it to the original Titanic disaster, she highlighted the potential consequences of human incompetence and arrogance.

With the submersible’s certified depth limit falling short of the Titanic wreckage, Behar couldn’t help but find a striking resemblance between the two events. The host’s remarks shed light on the somber reality of the situation and the potential dangers lurking beneath the ocean’s surface.

Man vs Nature

Alyssa Farah Griffin, another The View co-host, chimed in, drawing parallels to the fascination with the original Titanic story. Griffin highlighted the timeless struggle between mankind and the forces of nature. Regardless of wealth or status, she emphasized the vulnerability that arises when facing the uncontrollable forces of nature. The discussion took a sobering turn as the depths of the ocean were contemplated, and the realization of unexplored territories stirred a sense of horror.

Unanswered Questions and Troubled History

As the search for the missing submersible intensifies, questions surrounding its safety and the track record of OceanGate Expeditions arise. Reports reveal that this is not the first time an OceanGate submersible has encountered difficulties.

In 2022, a similar incident occurred when a submersible lost signal during an expedition. Concerns about quality control and safety have plagued the company, with allegations of inadequate testing on the hull of the submersible. The safety of the vehicles and the decisions made by OceanGate’s leadership have come under scrutiny, further complicating the ongoing rescue efforts.

The US Coast Guard has announced the discovery of a significant debris field within the designated search area, adding a glimmer of hope to the race against time.

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Remotely operated underwater vehicles deployed in the area uncovered this significant finding, raising both hopes and questions about the fate of the missing vessel. As search efforts intensify and every moment becomes crucial, the race against time continues to unfold in this gripping maritime mystery.

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