Is ‘Real Housewives of Ozempic’ already airing? Andy Cohen takes a swipe


In the world of celebrity weight loss trends, Ozempic has emerged as the go-to method, with even Real Housewives hopping on the bandwagon. As rumors swirl about their usage, Bravo’s executive producer, Andy Cohen, has turned it into an ongoing joke. Let’s dive into the world of Real Housewives and their alleged affinity for Ozempic.

Bravo host Andy Cohen attends Variety's 2023 Power of Women event at The Grill.(Getty Images via AFP)
Bravo host Andy Cohen attends Variety’s 2023 Power of Women event at The Grill.(Getty Images via AFP)

The Real Housewives’ Weight-Loss Whispers

With the popularity of Ozempic skyrocketing among celebrities, it’s no surprise that the Real Housewives are often questioned about their weight loss secrets. Kyle Richards, in particular, has faced repeated inquiries, reminiscent of the biblical tale of Judas. However, it seems some Housewives find it too tempting to resist the allure of this highly favored weight-loss drug.

Andy Cohen Joins the Banter

Bravo’s mastermind, Andy Cohen, couldn’t resist commenting on the Ozempic buzz surrounding his cast members. It has become an ongoing joke, with Andy riffing on the topic once again during a conversation with TV writer Gary Janetti. When Janetti playfully suggested a spin-off titled “The Real Housewives of Ozempic,” Cohen quipped, “It’s already airing.” The sarcasm was not lost on fans, further fueling the speculation.

Andy Cohen's comment on Gary Janetti's post.
Andy Cohen’s comment on Gary Janetti’s post.

Dolores Catania’s Transformation

Among the Real Housewives, Dolores Catania has emerged as a vocal advocate for Ozempic. Her noticeable weight loss at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion had everyone talking, and she couldn’t stop raving about the results. This is not the first time we’ve witnessed such transformations in the reality TV world.

Andy’s Humorous Take

Back in September, Andy Cohen humorously pondered the unknowns of long-term Ozempic use, as well as the consequences when individuals stop taking the drug after achieving their weight loss goals. In a tweet, he playfully asked, “What happens when they stop taking #Ozempic?”

The comedic irony lies in the idea of casting a group of Ozempic users and observing the long-term effects. But as Andy pointed out, that experiment is already happening, confirming that more Real Housewives may be using Ozempic than meets the eye.

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As the obsession with Ozempic continues to grow among celebrities, it seems to have infiltrated the realm of the Real Housewives. Andy Cohen’s playful remarks and the weight-loss transformations of cast members keep the topic alive and spark curiosity about the long-term implications of this trending weight-loss method.


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