Rockstar assures players it’s investigating glitch in GTA Online’s vehicle bug


Rockstar Games has issued a statement addressing a concerning glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) that has left players vulnerable to permanent loss of their vehicles.

Rockstar Games is actively addressing the car glitch issue. (Image Credit: Rockstar Games)
Rockstar Games is actively addressing the car glitch issue. (Image Credit: Rockstar Games)

The glitch, which is related to insurance policies for in-game vehicles, emerged following the implementation of the San Andreas Mercenaries update.

In GTA Online, players have the option to purchase vehicles from Los Santos Customs. Adding an insurance policy to these vehicles is a crucial step to ensure their protection. The insurance policy allows players to recover their vehicles in case of destruction or damage. This feature is particularly important for high-value vehicles, as losing them would result in significant financial setbacks for many players.

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A bug introduced during the San Andreas Mercenaries update has caused players’ insurance policies to be erased, leading to the permanent deletion of their vehicles from their inventories. It didn’t take long for avid car enthusiasts to report their losses to Rockstar, with some vehicles estimated to be worth up to 8 million in-game dollars.

To put this into perspective, a 10 million Shark Card, which can be purchased for $99.99 in real-world currency, would only partially compensate for such a loss. While there are other methods to accumulate cash in GTA Online, the impact of this glitch remains substantial. Thankfully, Rockstar has acknowledged the issue and has begun investigating a solution.

The studio has reassured players that they are actively working to resolve the insurance glitch in GTA Online.

Meantime, players have reported that they received refunds for their vehicle purchases after submitting support tickets.

But this approach may not be foolproof, potentially leaving some players at risk of permanently losing their vehicles due to the glitch. It’s worth noting that these vehicles were also among those removed from GTA Online’s stores in the latest update.

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As Rockstar continues its efforts to address the problem, players are advised to exercise caution with highly valuable vehicles, such as the Dubsta, until a solution is implemented. Some players also experienced disappearing vehicles stored in the Mobile Operations Center, but Rockstar promptly released a background update to rectify that issue. This suggests that a similar swift resolution could be expected for the insurance glitch.


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