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This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion episode 1

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders (behind) as Maria Hill.

Nick Fury is back with Marvel’s new series, Secret Invasion. A group of the shapeshifting race of Skrulls threaten Earth with a secret invasion. Nick Fury and his allies race against time to thwart their plans and save humanity!

The pilot episode of the show, titled ‘Resurrection’, was released today and fans cannot keep calm. The ending left the fanbase dumbfounded. The show seems to have started off with a bang and fans are still in denial. From the fans’ prayers that it was only a clone and hopes that it was actually a skrull posing as the character, it is safe to say that Marvel has its fandom hooked on the series.

Unlike Marvel’s usual action, the show focuses more on political espionage. It also employs the tension between US and Russia as a backdrop to further the conflict. Marvel seems to have traded superpowers and flashy armour for secret alliances and coded messages. The series also promises to be one of the darker, grittier works of Marvel. But the one supernatural skill they have retained is the skrulls’ ability to shapeshift. They have infiltrated the country all the way up to the top levels of the government. The episode features multiple scenes of ‘human’ characters’ faces rippling to reveal that they were a skrull all along.

Critics have praised the performance of Samuel L Jackson and Olivia Colman. Their brilliant acting elevated the entire episode. But that seems to be the end of praise from the critics’ side. Many have criticised the script, calling it basic and unoriginal. The characters, particularly the villains, seem to adopt cliched tropes. However, only a single episode is out yet and there is plenty of opportunity for improvement.

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Skrulls are technologically advanced reptilian humanoids native to the planet Skrullos. They last featured in Captain Marvel at the end of which Nick Fury promised to find them a new home. But it has been thirty years since and the skrulls are furious at Fury for leaving the promise unfulfilled.

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