International Yoga Day special|Jacqueliene Fernandez: I have practised yoga for 12 years now, it changed my life | Bollywood


Jacqueliene Fernandez has been a believer in the healing powers of yoga for 12 years now. Be it her mental health, or safeguarding her from potential injuries, it has helped her in all.

Actor Jacqueliene Fernandez poses for HT City on the occasion of International Yoga Day.
Actor Jacqueliene Fernandez poses for HT City on the occasion of International Yoga Day.

Talking to us on the occasion of World Yoga Day, she says, “It goes without saying, that yoga has become a very important part of my life, and something I look into doing every single day. It serves towards my physical and mental well being.”

Sharing further on how she was introduced to it, the 37-year-old continues, “I started it only after I came to India. There was a yoga class being conducted near my house I remember, and every day at 6 in the morning a class would happen. I slowly started getting addicted to it . It became a very amazing way to start my day. It balances everything from my dance training to weight lifting.It makes me flexible and agile, and calms my mind. I find that one hour everyday therapeutic. I can’t go without it now, also because our line of work is full of hectic schedules and requires high energy.”

Since she brings up her profession, it is also not one without stress. Fernandez agrees, “Yes. And with that, as you get older, your posture also goes for a toss, and that comes with it’s own set of different problems. It helped me maintain my posture. When I feel stress and there is an overload of work, there is yoga to the rescue.”

Which one is her favourite aasana? The actor, currently filming for her film Fateh with Sonu Sood, says, “Not any particular ones, but I love back bends. I love headstands, but I am still not good at handstands. I find hip openers really relaxing.”


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