Controversy deepens as NICKMERCS severs ties with Hasan amid Anti-LGBTQ comments


The controversy surrounding famous American YouTuber NICKMERCS’ anti-LGBTQ comments continues to unfold, with the prominent Twitch streamer now declaring that Hasan is “dead” to him.

 NICKMERCS sparks firestorm. (Image Credit: NICKMERCS/ Twitter)
NICKMERCS sparks firestorm. (Image Credit: NICKMERCS/ Twitter)

After NICKMERCS’ contentious threads of tweets, Activision took action by removing his Call of Duty operator bundle. But, the situation escalated as several colleagues expressed support for the embattled content creator.

Notably controversial streamer Dr Disrespect, who uninstalled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in protest of Activision’s bundle removal and demanded an apology for NICKMERCS. This move drew mixed reactions from other internet personalities, including Hasan Piker, known as HasanAbi in the streaming community.

NICKMERCS Call of Duty bundle. (Image Credit: Activision)
NICKMERCS Call of Duty bundle. (Image Credit: Activision)

During a recent stream, Hasan remarked that Dr Disrespect is “more loyal to NICKMERCS having his skin than his own wife.” This comment alluded to Dr Disrespect’s past admission of infidelity, which led to a brief hiatus from streaming in 2017.

While Dr Disrespect responded to Hasan’s criticism by resorting to name-calling, NICKMERCS, at the center of the controversy, also addressed the issue.

During a June 19 broadcast, NICKMERCS revealed that he messaged Hasan, expressing his decision to sever ties due to their ongoing dispute. He stated that Hasan is now “dead” to him, particularly after making jokes about Dr Disrespect’s infidelity.

NICKMERCS acknowledged that neither of them is likely to lose sleep over this falling out.

One aspect that particularly bothered NICK was Hasan’s joke about Dr Disrespect’s marriage coinciding with his wedding anniversary. He shared this sentiment during the same broadcast. While his followers largely agreed that Hasan’s comments were disrespectful, social media reactions varied widely.

The original comments made by NICKMERCS that sparked this ongoing frenzy have somewhat faded into the background.

The controversy began with a tweet on June 7 in which the Twitch streamer suggested that pro-LGBTQ demonstrators “should leave little children alone.” The context surrounding this statement was a video depicting violence against pro-LGBTQ demonstrators.

Many interpreted NICKMERCS’ tweet as endorsing anti-LGBTQ violence, an allegation vehemently denied by the streamer.

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Besides Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman also publicly defended NICKMERCS in recent days. He went as far as asking Activision to remove his own operator skin from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in solidarity with the embattled streamer. Activision granted this request on June 11.


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