Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal on FIR against Asit Kumarr Modi: I will be okay if he apologises, I have proof of everything

Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal’s ‘faith in the justice system has been restored’, she quips, as an FIR was filed against Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah producer Asit Kumarr Modi, operation head Sohail Ramani and executive producer Jatin Bajaj, on the basis of her sexual harassment complaint. She had recorded her complaint on May 24. Earlier, she had said that he had passed sexual remarks, and that he would allegedly invite her to have drinks with her.

Actor Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal and producer Asit Kumarr Modi.

Talking to us, she says, “Pehle yahi lag raha tha ki itna time kyun lag raha hai. Asit replied to my notice, to my lawyer. Bauhaut blame game kiye hain. They claimed I got drunk and beat up my male co-stars. Can you imagine me fighting with males? I accepted that I drink sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I am a drunkard or I fight! They fabricated all this. They went on to say that there was no discrimination from their side, and that he was like a father figure to the entire cast and crew, like his extended family.”

Jennifer played the role of Roshan Singh Sodi in the comedy show, and was replaced by Dilkhush Reporter some years back. However, she again came back. Mistry shares that even that was made into an allegation from Asit’s side. “They allege that Jennifer got to know Dilkhush is pregnant, so she took advantage of the opportunity and came back to the show. Okay, then why did you take me again? Also, Dilkhush was not pregnant then, I am in constant touch with her. Can you imagine that even after other co stars have come out, he is still saying the same thing? Unhe kaise samajh nahi aa raha?,” she asks.

Mistry is ready to let everything go if Modi apologises to her. “I don’t want this thing to become bigger,” she says, “I hope he understands, I want this to end peacefully. Even if she apologises now and accepts that he did all that I have said, I will be okay with it. I have proof of whatever I am saying, which I will give in court.”

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