World Productivity Day 2023: Date, significance, ways to improve productivity


World Productivity Day 2023: Staying productive and being at peace can be a difficult thing to manage. In this fast-paced world with technological innovations every moment, we often feel that we are rushing and not being productive enough. In the process, we end up stretching ourselves and working too hard and not taking care of our mental wellbeing. Being productive actually means eliminating waste and streamlining all the processes to get more profit from the work at hand. To do so, there are certain practices that we need to adopt to, in order to be more productive.

World Productivity Day 2023: Date, significance, ways to improve productivity(Unsplash)
World Productivity Day 2023: Date, significance, ways to improve productivity(Unsplash)

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World Productivity Day is celebrated every year to observe the practices and to create awareness on how we can increase productivity. As we gear up to celebrate this special day, here are a few things you should know:


Every year, World Productivity Day is celebrated on June 20. On this day, people get together to discuss the efforts that we need to make to increase productivity, the importance of not running in the rat race and having a niche of our own and how to be successful.


On this day, people start the celebrations by thanking the tools that help in enhancing productivity. Then they get back to their work and focus on being more productive. In order to do so, they often need to cut down the waste, and increase the hours of work and be more innovative.

Ways to improve productivity:

Having a routine: Knowing how the day will turn out and having it planned, hour by hour helps in improving productivity and planning the time for being more creative.

Breaks: productive people understand the need of having a proper work and life balance and they believe in not burning themselves out with more work. They go for frequent breaks and vacations and come back with a fresh mind to work.

Procrastination: Unproductive people believe in pushing deadlines of tasks that they consider are difficult. This further makes them more unproductive. Productive people, on the other hand, go headfirst into difficult tasks and find innovative solutions.


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