The Ashes: Border and Healy slam Robinson for Khawaja send-off, England seamer defends his act says ‘you’ve done this to us for years’


Former Australia cricketers Ian Healy and Allan Border has made a scathing attack on Ollie Robinson, who gave a mouthful to Usman Kahwaja after dismissing him for 141, but in his defence the English seamer says he doesn’t have any regret about his celebration.

Former Australia captain Allan Border says he understands the reaction came in the heat of the moment and hopefully he will get his payback when he will walk out to bat in England’s second innings.

“I have heard some send-offs and have given some send-offs myself. It is sort of heat of the moment sort of stuf,” Border told SEN Breakfast.

“Generally, I think Robinson is a pretty fair bloke from what I gather. But, you get fired up as a big fast bowler, words are said and then afterwards it’s all forgotten about generally.

“The media will jump on it, of course, but you know what goes around comes around, he’s put a bit of a target on his head.

“When he comes out the bat, hopefully it’s early tomorrow, and the Aussies won’t forget that’s for sure.”

Healy believes Robinson should receive a fine as he was trying to incite a reaction from Khawaja.

“It is a lack of class like he’s been criticised for, but that’s ok, it happens in the heat of the moment. I think he should have been punished because it was shown so closely on TV and it does incite retaliation” Healy told SENQ Breakfast.

“If Khawaja retaliated to that and said something back to him, he’d probably get in trouble.

“He (Robinson) was trying to incite that, it was rude and it was rugged.

“There probably should have been a little fine handed down to Ollie.”

Meanwhile, Robinson has defended his actions, saying the Australian team has also been capable of similar.

“It’s my first home Ashes and to get the big wicket at the time was special for me. I think ‘Ussie’ played unbelievably well. And to get that wicket for us at the time as a team was massive,” Robinson said.

“And I think we all want that theatre of the game, don’t we? So I’m here to provide it.

“I don’t really care how it’s perceived to be honest. It’s the Ashes, it’s professional sport. If you can’t handle that, what can you handle?”

“When you’re in the heat of the moment and have the passion of the Ashes, that can happen. We’ve all seen Ricky Ponting and other Aussies do that to us, so just because the shoe is on the other foot, it’s not received well.

“For me, it’s my first home Ashes and to get the big wicket at the time was special for me. To get that wicket for the team was massive. We all want that theatre of the game and I am here to provide it.”

Allan Border finds the incident amusing as Khawaja has dominated the England bowlers during his knock.

“As a batsman, you’ve got no comeback, have you?” Border said.

“You might be chatting to a bowler the whole time yourself, but at the end of the day, the bowler always wins because he’s the one who gets you out.

“You hit 140 and you still get sprayed.”

The first Test is nicely poised after Australia removed England openers and on rain-affected Day 3. England are 28 for 2 after they bundled out Australia for 386 runs in their first innings, eking out a seven runs lead.


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