Katy Perry’s feline act in American idol goes viral, fans get outraged


“American Idol” fans have reached their breaking point with Katy Perry, urging the singing competition to remove her as a judge. The outcry comes after a peculiar video of the “Smile” songstress acting like a cat while wearing a form-fitting leather suit went viral over the weekend.

Katy Perry imitating a cat on American Idol.
Katy Perry imitating a cat on American Idol.

In the video, shared on the official “Idol” Instagram account, Perry, alongside fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, is seen at the judges’ table. When Richie humorously remarks on Perry’s outfit, calling her “cat woman,” Bryan joins in by playfully dubbing her “Katy Purry.”

Taking the comments as an opportunity to showcase her feline prowess, Perry rises from her seat, extending her leg and assuming a crouching position, mimicking a cat’s movements. She even playfully paws at Bryan’s shoulder in an attempt to engage him.

However, this odd display did not sit well with fans of the show, who are growing increasingly frustrated with Perry’s behavior throughout the season. Social media platforms have been flooded with comments expressing disdain for her coaching methods and demanding her removal from the judging panel.

Many fans voiced their dissatisfaction with Perry’s actions, with one fan even suggesting that both Perry and Bryan should be let go. Another commenter described her behavior as “ridiculous,” while others expressed disappointment and claimed to have lost respect for the singer.

This is not the first time Perry has faced backlash during this season of “American Idol.” She previously received criticism for seemingly mom-shaming a contestant and displaying what some fans perceived as dismissive behavior towards other contestants. Additionally, Perry has accused the show’s producers of editing footage to portray her as a “nasty” judge, leaving her feeling betrayed and thrown under the bus.

The controversy surrounding Perry has sparked a wave of frustration among devoted “American Idol” viewers. Some fans even attempted to petition for Alanis Morissette to permanently replace Perry, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current judge and hoping for a change.

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As the debate rages on, fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s response to the growing demands for Perry’s removal. Whether the “I Kissed a Girl” singer’s fate on “American Idol” will be sealed remains to be seen, but one thing is certain—her peculiar cat act has certainly caused a stir among fans and ignited a fierce debate about her suitability as a judge on the popular singing competition.


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