Arrested Development’s Michael Cera shares how he almost married Aubrey Plaza


Former couple Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza came very close to getting married. In an interview to Rolling Stone, Cera has made the sensational revelation.

Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza(Twitter)
Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza(Twitter)

“Well, we were driving through Vegas and we almost just spontaneously took a detour and got married,” the 35-year-old told Rolling Stone.

Cera was asked if the marriage would have been Elvis chapel situation- a phrase used to refer to a quick and cheap wedding with an Elvis Presley impersonator officiating. In reply, he said yes.

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“Like something where you get a certificate. I think the idea was to then get a divorce right away, so we could call each other “my ex-husband” and “my ex-wife” at like … 20,” explained Cera.

Cera and Plaza met each other on the set of their 2010 film “Scott Pilgrim vs The World,” and began dating each other during the making of the film. They eventually parted ways and are currently exploring their lives in different ways. Plaza has been pretty successful onscreen in recent times.

“I mean, she’s always been so committed to everything that she does. It’s not surprising to me that she’s doing really well,” Cera told the outlet of Plaza.

“The thing that’s surprising to me is how much she’s producing and putting together projects. It’s amazing. Ingrid Goes West? That was so great,” he added.

Plaza got married to writer and director Jeff Baena in 2021. Meanwhile, Cera got wedded to wife Nadine Cera in 2017.


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