Pokemon Horizons: The Series shatters fan theory – Ash Ketchum not Liko’s father

The latest incarnation of the fan-favourite Pokemon anime, Pokemon Horizons: The Series, has caused quite a stir among fans with its surprising revelation about the parentage of the new protagonist, Liko.

Ash Ketchum’s unexpected connection to Pokemon Horizons is revealed! (Image Credit: OLM, Inc.)

Contrary to popular speculation, it has been confirmed that our very own, beloved Ash Ketchum, the long-standing main character of the Pokemon series, is not Liko’s father, debunking a widely circulated fan theory.

For more than 25 years, Ash has captured the hearts of fans as the determined and adventurous protagonist of the Pokemon anime series.

The beloved Pokemon Trainer’s journey came to an end in March 2023 with the conclusion of the season Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series.

In December 2022, the Pokemon Company unveiled the upcoming Pokemon Horizons series, based on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, featuring brand new characters Liko and Roy as the show’s protagonists. Since then, fans have been engrossed in speculation, particularly regarding the parental lineage of Liko.

Anipoke Fandom took to Twitter to share a series of images from the anime, shedding light on Liko’s household and her father. Contrary to expectations, Liko’s father bears no resemblance to Ash and is, in fact, an entirely new character named Alex.

This revelation aligns with another leaked episode description that also mentions Liko’s father’s name.

The theory suggesting Ash as Liko’s father primarily drew upon similarities in character design, with a particular focus on Liko’s hair and hairpin. Fans noted the resemblance between Liko’s hairpin and the symbol on Ash’s iconic hat from the original Pokemon anime, while her hair color bore some resemblance to Ash’s own.

There remains the possibility that Ash may make appearances in some other capacity throughout the series.

Ash’s absence and lack of familial connection to the new main characters pose new challenges for the Pokemon franchise. Devotees have been following Ash’s adventures for years and may be hesitant to bid him farewell. His character has left an indelible mark on the Pokemon anime, and it remains to be seen how the series will compensate for his interactions with other characters and his impact on the Pokemon world.

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As Pokemon Horizons: The Series unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the emergence of Liko and Roy as compelling protagonists in their own right.

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