Subtle yet powerful ways to break generational cycles

The cycles that go around in our generations are sometimes too unhealthy and are meant to be broken. But breaking toxic cycles needs a lot of strength and determination to start the process. The tenacity required to think outside the box and bring a difference also comes with its own pros. When we are brought up in a certain atmosphere, we try to mould into them. Breaking that cycle takes a lot of effort, and sometimes it means going against the flow. “To those of you working to change environmental and family patterns or behaviors – I see you. It’s a lot of work. And it may not be frequently recognized (or even appreciated…) but know the long-term healing and power of change it can bring in your life. It can feel like a lonely and, at times, unfulfilling journey because all good things take time. And with this type of healing, I’ve noticed that I have often felt worse before I felt better,” wrote Therapist Divya Robin as she explained the ways by which we can break generational cycles of toxicity.

Subtle yet powerful ways to break generational cycles(Unsplash)

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Accountability: one of the traits of dysfunctional homes is passing the blame and never taking ownership of the mistakes made by us. On the contrary, taking accountability and being responsible for our own actions is a powerful way of breaking the cycle.

Values: Putting our own values and ethics ahead of societal expectations and stereotypes is a loud way of living.

Therapy: We understand our own traumas and find a way of healing them through therapy, instead of passing them on to the next generation.

Conditional love: We need to break the belief that love is conditional – this happens when we are brought up in homes where we were provided with love only when we behaved in a certain way.

Communication: We learn to communicate our needs and voice our opinions, rather than expecting people to know.

Coping responses: We find ways to cope with our emotions, and do not spew it on others in an unhealthy way.

Conflict: We find ways to resolve conflict, rather than keeping it going.

Limiting contact: When we understand that a person is unhealthy for us, we choose to limi8t contact with them.

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