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Rapper and actor, Chaitanya Sharma @_slowcheeta_

Chaitanya says the worst thing about fame is that you judge yourself based on what people think of you. Styling: Pooja Sethi; Make up: Hritika Tolani; Hair: Karim Shaikh; Outfit: Line Tribe. (Sheldon Santos)

Currently I am: Promoting Royal Stag Boombox.

On my playlist: People by Libianca, Tere Pyaar Mein from Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar and Sing for the Moment by Eminem.

On my speed dial: My wife.

Today I’m craving: Butter chicken, as always

My next big splurge: AudioMass , a web-based audio and waveform editor. And a watch.

App I check before going to bed: Livescore and Instagram

I was at my lowest when: I was bedridden for six months.

A superpower I wished I had: I wish I could fly

My favourite Sunday memory: Watching Manchester United play on the weekend, eating Domino’s pizza, garlic bread and cheesy dip.

My most starstruck moment so far: I had the opportunity to go from zero to the 12th floor in a lift with Shah Rukh Khan.

If I could travel back or forward in time: I would travel back to meet my best friend, who I lost.

I won’t leave my house without: Saying bye to my mom and dad.

The best thing about fame: Being able to affect so many lives at one time.

The worst thing about fame: Judging yourself based on what people think of you.

From HT Brunch, May 27, 2023

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