Rithvik Dhanjani: The practise of meditation teaches me how to be at peace

A quick glimpse of Rithvik Dhanjani’s social media profile is enough to prove that he is a travel junkie, but the actor says he doesn’t just jet off for a trip to satiate his travel spirit, but also to strike a balance between his physical and mental well being.

Rithvik Dhanjani feels it is important to prioritise both physical as well as the mental well-being

The actor is very passionate about exploring the outdoors, and is often seen taking trips to the mountains. He believes that the mountains are a great getaway for him to rejuvenate.

“Mountains are definitely the most peaceful getaways I can never get enough of. But I don’t go to the mountains to find peace. I believe that peace lies within you, and you can naturally feel it by constantly practising meditation. The practice of meditation teaches me how to be at peace,” Dhanjani says.

The 34-year-old likes to prioritise both his mental and physical well-being. Opening up about the same, the actor shares, “It is important for everyone to find the right balance between mental and physical health. The one thing that constantly helps my mental being stay sane is the practice of mindfulness meditation. Meditation has helped me stay focused and calm in both my personal and professional lives”.

In fact, he also urges people to practise meditation to find peace within.

“Meditation helps to align your mind and body. The moment your mind is at peace, your physical being automatically falls into place”. The actor encourages people to inculcate meditation in their lives, which will transform their lives drastically. Additionally, he also mentioned that regular exercise and a balanced diet are crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” says the actor, who was last seen hosting an online dating show.

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