Rahul Vaidya chooses intermittent fasting, water diet once a week to maintain his weight

Singer Rahul Vaidya recently shared pictures of his chiselled abs on social media. His caption read: “16 hours fasting everyday is working well.” Talking about the same, Vaidya shares that he is not able to workout because of pain his in back, hence he tries to keep track of his diet.

Rahul Vaidya on fasting for weight loss

“I have been actually suffering from a back injury, which has made my back really weak and it doesn’t allow me to work out. I was putting on weight and I was getting heavier. So I thought if I’m not able to burn the calories, I might as well block the intake,” the singer tell us, adding, “When I read about fasting, I was quite fascinated because it has a lot of benefits. I have been fasting for about a month and a half now.”

He fasts six days in a week for 18 hours, and one day of the week, he only sticks to consuming water. “Other than intermittent fasting, I’m actually doing a full one day a week 24 hours fasting, because I think it is great for the regeneration of cells. My body type is such that anything that I do for about 20 days or three weeks, it suddenly shows an effect on my body. I’ve lost weight since I started. I look much leaner and I feel better. When you’re fasting, it does get very difficult. You just have to divert yourself from cravings and tell yourself that there is more to this world than just eating. It’s when you pay attention to the better things in life,” he elaborates.

The 35-year-old singer also shares how he tries to manage his cravings along with a busy work schedule. “The only thing I miss is a cup of chai. I have kind of tried to balance my cravings out. It is difficult to manage work with a fasting schedule. I try and keep it a little flexible when I’m doing shows, because shows require a lot of energy. I can’t be singing on an empty stomach. I think your mind can do wonders if you cultivate it and train it in a certain fashion. Not all bodies can take fasting. As much as I am advocating this, I also feel that talk to an expert before going for it,” he ends.

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