Move over writing essays, ChatGPT now helps people prepare for job interviews!

A New York City-based Tik Tok creator is in the news for her content which is focused on job opportunities and employment advice. Hanna Goefft is the talk of the town as she encourages her viewers to use Open AI’s ChatGPT to prepare for job interviews.

Her video praising ChatGPT for its ability to throw up job interview questions has more than 2 million views since March, New York Post reported. She claims that the OpenAI chatbot is the easiest way to prepare for job interviews and will work for every single job.

Goefft shared a 48-second clip which has a caption saying ‘I don’t think I’ll ever get over hacking life with AI. In the video, the influencer is seen copy pasting a job description for a product marketing manager into ChatGPT and asks the chatbot to analyse and produce related question.

According to the report, the software triggered questions related to the job description including ones on packaging and promoting products at each stage of the customer journey. Goefft has told viewers to include keywords provided by the AI-powered chatbot in the interview responses. She however cautions that the keywords need not be used explicitly but the examples they put should determine that they have the skills needed for the job.

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT has gained immense popularity ever since it made its debut(REUTERS)

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT has gained immense popularity ever since it made its debut. People use the chatbot to write essays, make presentations and even generating a business idea.

Recently, a person on Reddit claimed they took ChatGPT’s help for applying to job positions and claimed to have received an ‘extremely high interview invitation’ rate. The Reddit user wrote that they asked the software to adapt their CV into a person specification tailored for the job description.

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